Young and desperate


Dear Great Whole Women,
I have been member of these forum for 2 years, and asked few questions in the past,I’m 38 and never been pregnant, today I need some guidance and support. 2 years ago I had the first symptoms of prolapse, which according to gynecologists #1 were only in my mind, so go home and be happy. Later on gynecologists #2 told me I have a vaginal cyst not a prolapse, and it was up to me if I want to surgically remove it. I definitely didn’t want it, still don’t want it. Symptoms were coming and going for the last 2 years, and I continue with my life wrongly thinking I don’t have a prolapse, did all kind of planks, run for many many km not in WW position. End results 2 years of not listening to my body gave me severe symptoms. I have done the self check together with the pictures from Christine video, and those tell me I do have a cystocele. Now gynecologist #3 said, oh yes you have a very mild prolapse, go home and continue with your life. 3 weeks ago I decided to look at Christine videos, live my life in WW posture. After the first week of my new WW life, all the cystocele symptoms were gone, like they never exist, I was so happy! But they came back, overruling all actions in my life. I feel desperate, hopeless because I actually don’t know if I have a cyst or a cystocele. Would a heavy untreated cyst let to uterus prolapse? How many km is advisable to run in WW posture? But most important, could I think about something else than the prolapse? I’m currently reading old and new post in this forum for some advise and help. Thanks

Hi youngandfit and thanks for your post.

Your initial understanding of the posture is probably a common one amongst women who stop here for awhile, dabble a bit but do not actually study Christine's work. They may come away thinking that WW posture is something that was made up for the purpose of "curing" prolapse and has no other lasting function or importance. Thus, if you decide you don't have a prolapse after all (at least not yet!) it's OK to go right back to doing every wrong thing possible. I know this sounds harsh, but that is where you went off the rails.

Go back to the WW work and stay there. Immerse yourself. Understand that this is not an invented posture but a return to NATURAL posture where the organs are held forward in the belly and away from the vaginal space. It's essential not only for support of the pelvic organs, but for the health of the hips and spine, the joints, the female continence system......all of this and more. The entire exercise and fitness industry (and probably our mothers as well) have brainwashed us into wanting sixpack abs and a strong "core" and we have compromised many aspects of our health in following this path. Take a look at the way young children hold and carry themselves if you want to see correct posture.

There are no shortcuts and no quick answers to all of this. It is a full-blown lifestyle change. Breaking old habits, forming new ones, being mindful all the time, being patient and not letting setbacks break you down. The organs are very mobile and that's why this works. Study the posture elements, correct toileting position, lifting, firebreathing, running in posture on the forefoot. It is all in the work, and pretty much anyone at any age can jump in and start to benefit. - Surviving

Dear Surviving,
Thank you very for your answer. I appreciate all your wise words and advises, which I will completely follow from now on. Thanks for all the advise you provide to women in this forum and big thanks to Christine for all the amazing work she is doing for all of us. Thanks 10000000000000 times. Young fit and hopeful.

I'm a new student! Greekgal! Glad to be a joining the Forum! Have a great day!

Hi Greekgal and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing your story, and wishing you the best with the Whole Woman work. It has helped so many women! - Surviving