WW pregnancy??


Hi there,

I just found out I’m pregnant! I remember seeing a whole women DVD about pregnancy & labor but now I can’t find it. What should I do? I really want to insure my proplaspes stays in good positions & I’m planing a gentle natural birth.

Also I would like to order a belt to wear during my pregnancy, is this a good idea?. What do you suggest? Should I get multiple sizes?

History: I prolapsed after my first child. After doing the whole women posture work two years later I am virtually symptom free.

Congratulations on your pregnancy Mrs. Vegan!

We have taken the WW Childbearing Years video down - for reasons of my own vanity. I had broken my good glasses and wore a pair of plastic red ones that looked pretty goofy. I will take another look at the video and possibly put it back up, as the information is priceless.

The WW Posture Belt really isn't practical for pregnancy. There are others on the market that are adjustable, and that is what I suggest. I wanted a quick-release belt that fit perfectly with no snaps or hooks so that is what we have.

Eat well, exercise, and stay in the posture. As your belly expands, focus on the upper body posture and walking with feet pointing straight ahead. You will be just fine. Postpartum...let's talk again!

Wishing you and your little ones well,