advice please re postural egonomic chair and also retroverted uterus


I'm a a worried and panicky state....
I have a rectocele first diagnosed 12 years ago. I am 62yrs old. I know that kegels are not recommended by Christine and the whole woman approach but I did them for a few years after the first diagnosis religiously (!!) and had nearly 12 years with no symptoms at all. I stopped doing them after a while just because I was lazy I suppose and had no problems. Just a few weeks ago I had a recurrence of the rectocele - seems worse.

I have bought and downloaded Christines entire course and am eager to help myself by following your advice. I do not wish to have surgery.

I have always had back problems and am very stiff in my low dorsal and lumbar spine. I also need to work hard at trying to keep my head a little further back and not poking out like mine does at present - tuck the chin eh?! Very little lordosis. Is it Ok to use an ergonomic postural chair at my desk to work as part of the programme - I had thought it might be as it helps create a lordosis whilst relaxing my belly down and forward which seems right because I sit on a slight downward slope? However it creates an obtuse angle between my torso and legs ratrher than a right angle or acute angle....not so good? I always had one of these in the loft and so have brought it down to use now,,,,but maybe its a wrong thing to do?

My other question is that I know I have a retroverted uterus since forever - I have had 2 children vaginally Ok though who were both very premature but OK. Following Christines understanding of the relationship between our pelvic organs and the trouble we have I wonder if the retroversion now means its even harder to get my pelvic organs relocated more towards the front and less towards the back?

I just feel so frightened right now. Trying to keep calm and positive obviously and its a great support to be in touch with like minded women. Thank you in anticipation.

Hi Kitty - don't be scared! you're going to be ok.... you really are.
I'm not sure about your retroverted uterus adding a complication but I believe there were/are a few women here who have talked about it so you're not alone. I would sit myself down and start searching in the search box for anything you're particularly afraid of and I promise it'll be there and you'll feel a lot better after reading it.

as far as your chair - I remember reading about that particular chair here on the forums too - and I believe that, despite being at an obtuse angle, it's ok.... because your organs are still being held forward and not tipped back. as long as you can maintain lumbar curve, which I believe is pretty easy to do in this type of chair, i think you're ok. I believe the obtuse angle is more of a concern when bending forward and rounding your back or especially when doing something like ab work (boat pose that sort of thing). I used to hold weights, sit obtuse, and twist from side to side. that just pushes everything back i'm afraid, and we want to have everything forward.

also - you'll know... try it out for a bit and see.... a lot of this journey is going to be trial and error and eliminating things that make us feel more symptomatic and adding more of the things that don't...