Yeast Infection


I haven't been on here for several years, but I'm experiencing a yeast infection that won't go away. It started about 4 months ago. It may also be what's causing very painful intercourse. (I'm 57 years old).

I was taking antibiotics for a bladder infection at the same time as I was using the Monistat7 -- which could have worked against the Monistat7. I also started taking something to increase estrogen (until I realized that the pill I was taking was 'Hormone Replacement Therapy', and could cause other problems)

I've been using probiotics and kefir, and I've been doing a vaginal douche with apple cider vinegar, but nothing seems to take away the yeast infection.

Can anyone tell me how often it is safe to do the douche ... and how long it should take before the yeast infection goes away?? Is there anything else that I should/should not be doing??

I should also mention that because of the yeast infection, my doctor found that I am Type 2 Diabetic, so I have changed my diet drastically in the past month

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Thank you Surviving60