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I think I have injured a tendon in my hip. I was struggling with low back pain but that is much better but now my left hip hurts after sitting down unless my knees are lower than my hip or I am lying down. So it's difficult to rest it as I can't completely avoid sitting or being on all fours. Sitting cross legged also aggravates it. I have been trying to avoid doing all these things for a few months now but it is not working and I want to do ww yoga again but I don't want to aggravate it.

So my question is, do I go down the conventional route and see a physio or doctor or whatever or would it more helpful for me to do the hips dvd? Or should I wait until I'm better before trying That??


Does the hips DVD make things feel better, or worse? We can't give you medical advice here (you'd need to book a consult with Christine). -- Surviving

I think that the first WW yoga DVD is good for hips issues, if I remember well.. of course if you choose to take care of your self with the WW approach the hips DVD is probably very important. Wish you well!

Thanks ladies. I do not have the hips DVD but I have all 3 yoga dvds and had been doing them a lot but I have stopped because I'm worried it makes the pain worse. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Off to the docs and physio I guess?!

Hi Variable,
It could be the sacroiliac joint causing the problem. That is the usual suspect for most of us women, and when it acts up, it is very hard to do anything else. I used to go to the Chiropractor for it quite regularly, but haven't had to for quite some time. I'm past having a child on my hip and the hard labor I used to do that always made it act up the most.
Now if I have some nagging in my hip, I'll do the pigeon pose which gives my whole hip a nice stretch, and of course, I continue with my first aid and yoga DVDs, but I wouldn't suggest you do that until you get this sorted out.
Hope that helps some,
Best wishes.