honey and pregnancy


Hi ladies, I own the video "The Child Bearing Years" - and really wish it will be available in the store again soon for my few students :-)

Just want to make sure that I got it right... should women continue applying honey vaginally till 14 weeks digestion?

Should they start keeping the posture as soon as possible in pregnancy (if low risk)?

I would like to introduce WW to my students but I'm not sure what is in my scope of practice as a childbirth educator. Also, most of my students are not comfortable with English enough for learning from the site or videos on their own. I need to introduce it to them. So I need to know what my limits are... Can I watch the video with them? Can I give them the basic info? etc..

Thank you so much for your insights!


As you know, Christine trains and certifies her practitioners, many of whom have other practices related to women's health (you can review the appropriate tabs up above). You need to contact her directly about incorporating her teachings into your own work with students; use the Contact Us tab. - Surviving

You are so right.. I do dream of becoming a practitioner, but it seems like I will have to wait for it for a couple of years..
Thanks for your advice! I will contact the office.
Any idea about applying honey during pregnancy? Could not find this info in the video or in the search box..
Thank you for being so attentive..

This isn't something I can recall hearing or reading about here. My understanding it that the benefits of honey are primarily for post-menopause. It might also help the tissues feel more comfortable during post-partum because that is another time of low estrogen. Maybe someone else can weigh in on this subject. - Surviving