Recent prolapse


The prolapse seemed to happen all at once about two weeks ago.

I’ve watched the very helpful video course “First Aid for Prolapse” and will now watch it again. I’ve sent for the 2008 book.

I don’t know if the slick “ball” that protrudes from time to time is bladder or uterus. I’m not sure it makes a difference to know. Some days are worse than others it seems.

I have changed my posture, do lots of pelvic tilts and some yoga, push everything back”up” and back from time to time, and got small pillows for the now beloved curve in my back for the car.

I had my first baby in about an hour. The second had the cord around his neck and needed forceps. That doc later did a vaginal “tightening” operation to help with leakage. God only knows what else was done.

I have no intention of having any kind of operation. I avoid mainstream medicine as much as possible and work with a homeopath—who recommended Christine Kent and this web site.

My mother wore a pessary for years. I understand it’s better to try to manage without one and will try that for some time. The prolapse is uncomfortable though.

I am less upset by it all after reading, however. It is upsetting to read on mainstream sites that the uterus can drop, come out, while “dragging the intestines” with it. Surely that was dark humor? The nightmare of prolapse?

Any soothing help here would be most gratefully accepted.

Hello Lovey,

Sounds like you may have had an “A&P repair”, which tries to make the “hole in the floor” smaller, tighter, stronger. Of course, all prolapse and incontinence operations are dangerously conceptually flawed. Your cystocele (which is the likely source of the bulge) echos overwhelming evidence over 100 years that these operations are unsuccessful and fraught with risk and failure.

Gratitude to your homeopath for directing you here, which to this day is the only place on the planet describing the true pelvic organ support system.

Please understand that if you have your uterus, your prolapse cannot drag your intestines anywhere! *Only* in the post-hysterectomy woman is it often the case that the prolapsed vagina continues to turn inside out into a huge bulge containing loops of small bowel.

If she was unfortunate to have undergone a “DaVinci” robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy, where the top of the vagina (which is amputated from the uterus) is cauterized instead of sutured closed, she has an almost 5% chance (and it may be higher) of experiencing vaginal evisceration, an emergency, life-threatening condition where the intestines spill out of the body.

In your case, it is true that prolapse can only get so severe. Of course you don’t want to have to lift a half-grapefruit-size cystocele out of the way every time to pee, so this is why we do the work of moving the organs forward into their natural positions.

The organs have not fallen down onto a pelvic “floor”, but rather have been forced toward the outlet at the back of the body. The work of prolapse management is moving them forward, as you know from the First Aid for Prolapse video.

You may have adhesions that restrict internal movement of your organs, but what else is there to do but keep doing the work of moving the entire pelvic contents forward? There is no surgical cure for prolapse.

Someone asked me the other day if I still get angry at the system after all these years. Yes and no. When I hear a story like yours (or God-forbid the thousands more that are far more tragic), the anger is immediately transmuted into calm and focused energy to keep expanding the Whole Woman work.

You will be working with this the rest of your life, but my hunch is that in another year or so of building your body in this way, your symptoms will be negligible.

Wishing you well,


Thank you SO MUCH for the explanations and the comforting information. I am “on it” in terms of doing the work. I forgot to tell you that I am 74 in a few weeks, so maybe I am lucky this prolapse didn’t happen sooner. Besides what is probably an inherited histamine intolerance issue (likely a mast cell disorder) I am incredibly healthy. I am so lucky to be in a place with lots of farms, so have wonderful clean, healthy food. I am active, take no meds, etc. I lost almost 40 pounds when the histamine issue flared a few years back, but would love to lose a few more. That will go hand in hand with the daily prolapse exercises now. Yes, the homeopath has been so life-giving. Again, my heartfelt thanks for your work and for taking time to help me.

I normally wear a pad each day but have little leakage. It just feels more comfortable. I am about to go on a short holiday (likely a one off). Wonder if anyone has any experience of getting into a pool wearing a swimming costume. Thought of trying a temporary pessary. Has anyone tried. I would not want to use permanently. Any advice.

Hi Wren - I don't see any problem for you.....swimming is a sort of weightless activity that doesn't particularly aggravate prolapse. I don't see a need to wear anything special for swimming with a cystocele, but maybe there are some details you have left out of your post? - Surviving