Hi, I found out after having a colonic irrigation I have virtually no peristalsis. Have been hooked on magnesium citrate for years which has obviously made it worse. Any suggestions please?


Hi Jenny S,
I had years of constipation and slow moving bowels, and when I'm not mindful of what I'm putting into my body, it comes back full force. Getting the good flora of gut bacteria back into our system is a good start, adding fermented food and fiber that they can work on. Christine actually has a video on restoring gut health. Can't seem to find it at the moment; maybe someone else will know where it is?

Last year I was adding the sugar and processed foods back in my diet with a vengeance, but have since been going back to better eating, and I have started adding raw fruit and veg back in, as well as stewed prunes in the evening and warm lemon water in the morning. I was taking a stool softener for about a month to keep things soft while I got myself back in order, but have since ditched them.

If others have some natural remedies that work for them, please chime in!

Thanks Aging gracefully

I watched above videos, & I do eat a healthy diet, don't like sweet things anyway. Probably should eat less meat. Has anyone any other suggestions on how to get peristalsis working again please?