Urge incontinence


Hi all
I sometimes struggle to get to toilet in time to urinate. Sometimes fine, other times just make it.
I do whole woman kegels, just wondering if squats & lunges would help? Any other suggestions welcomed. Thanks


Hi Jenny, what kind of kegels are you doing? What Christine has sometimes described as "new kegels" are basically pelvic rocks as demonstrated in several of her videos. Which program(s) do you have? Are you familiar with the concept of Whole Woman posture? It is the foundation for everything we offer on this site, including Christine's incontinence program. Do a little more checking and come back here with your questions that relate to Whole Woman concepts. - Surviving

Watch this to get started:

Thanks Surviving60. I do the Whole Woman kegels & try to maintain the Whole Woman posture. Thanks for the video link. Interesting about the exercises - just started an exercise class, wondering if it's that good for me as a lot of it is about core strength & looked like some of the exercises Christine says I shouldn't be doing.

I guess I don't know what core strength is. So what is it. And what exercises to do so I can strengthen my core. Sorry to be so dumb so I need some help on this one.

Christine stresses throughout her works, that traditional abdominal core strength concepts are one of the leading contributors to prolapse in women. The idea of a tight, pulled-in tummy, which has been thrown at most of us all of our lives, works against pelvic organ support; and the types of exercises that promote this are the ones we should avoid. The female "core" is lower, at the level of the sacrum, not deep within the abdomen. WW exercises done IN POSTURE will help strengthen the right muscles without compromising pelvic organ support. Once you understand posture and come to know the fluctuations in your symptoms as you go throughout your day, you will feel what I'm talking about. Do sit-ups feel good? Nope..... - Surviving

Thanks so much Surviving. Think in the Elders video I am told to pull my belly button up and back against my spine. At least I think I am hearing that. When I take breaths and lift my shoulders and breathe out do I also try to pull up the prolapse up in place. Sometimes the prolapse is out of my body and sometimes it is barely inside. Usually it is back when I am on my back in bed. Sex is wonderful. I wear a V-2 strap. Cannot wear a pessary.

Hi PrlsGrl,
I think you are confusing everyday breathing with firebreathing. Yes, you breath into your belly letting it expand, but when breathing out, you just let your belly fall back for regular breathing.
The firebreathing is more intense and forceful where you are breathing deeply into your belly, and then when breathing out, you pull your belly button to the spine while breathing through pursed lips.

It would be a good idea to find Christine's demonstration of firebreathing and practice it with her, because it is a great tool that helps stubborn organs get back in their place. And, getting all those posture principles down, you are well on your way.

Thanks Aging gracefully. It's really a tricky thing, this getting old, isn't it? We haven't been here before and we want to do it right for each of us and for those we love. This site is a wonderful, kind place to land at the end of my day. thanks so much to all of you.

I did much better with my posture today. I do not push my belly out but relax my belly. I think I have been doing the WW posture right for the first time since I started. Feel really dumb. Now I have another question. When my bladder drops down out the vagina, I read that I can push it back in. This evening there was a bit of blood on my bladder A THE tissue away. Could J have scratched my bladder? I checked again, after a few minutes and there wasn't blood again. Worried, very worried!

It's possible you could have scratched yourself, and if so, just be a bit more careful. But there isn't really much benefit in trying to push a cystocele around that like. Long ago before I understood the anatomy of prolapse, I used to do it myself, but it never helped.

What materials do you have to study from? The Elders video is somewhat limited because it's for women (of any age) who have physical limitations and who can only do so much in the way of movement. If you are pretty able-bodied, you might find many more suggestions for exercise and bodywork in general, in Christine's many other products. It sounds like you might be ready to kick things up a notch or two. - Surviving

I am walking at least 1/2 mile a day and lately a mile. I have been doing The WWSolutionto Survival Incontinence and a couple of days got First Aid for Prolapse video course. Hard to sit with back against wall and legs straight out. I'll dp it. Working up to doing the other sitting down exc. I can feel that it stays better when in WW posture. Forget and it's back. Traveling next week again and I so much want this is to be better. The tiny bit of blood threw me into panic mode. But only bit blood and not any more. thanks for helping me with this whole thing. Goodnight.