Hi all,

My 86 year old Mum has to get up about 4 times every night to pee. She was put onto amitriptyline hydrochloride 10 mg. Before this she was getting up 6 -8 times nightly.

Has anyone any suggestions to help with this please?


It sounds like her meds are not aggravating the problem, and if anything, may be helping. This is definitely age-related to some degree. You are probably already taking steps such as limiting alcohol and caffeine and a lot of fluids too late in the day. Will she use a bedside commode to minimize the disruption to her sleep? My mom at that age was getting up several times a night. You haven't mentioned if she has any type of prolapse but of course that can be a factor too, if the position of the organs isn't being well-managed and things are pushing on each other. - Surviving

Thanks Surviving, she doesn't drink alcohol & only has very weak coffee for brekky, morning tea & lunch.
I don't think she actually drinks enough