Lower back pain is worse after practicing the whole woman posture, what am I doing wrong?


Hi, I’m very new to the WW but have been practicing the posture as much as I can. I’ve always suffered from lower back pain and have worried that the sway back posture would acerbate it, which it seems to be doing. How do I practice the posture without creating lower back pain? I’ve always tucked the tail bone under to avoid lower back pain. Thank you.



I would say just make sure you aren't forcing it. Relax your belly and lift/open your chest, and the lumbar curvature will take care of itself. It shouldn't be painful, but it does require a period of adjustment for many at the beginning.....it's easy to overdo. Do you have any medical conditions or any surgical history that might be relevant? It sounds like you have some bad habits to overcome, at the very least; most of us did tuck our tailbones because that is one of the fallacies we grew up on (which greatly contributed to our prolapse). - Surviving

Thank you. No surgeries or conditions ... probably just bad habits. :D

Hi Magilicutti,
I agree with surviving; the forcing of the posture is what can sometimes causes us pain. I know I experienced that when first starting this work. I had to just relax into the posture as best as I could keeping all the elements in mind as I went, especially relaxing belly without pushing it out! Or, forcing the lumbar curve when it does come on its own in time.
You can also do some whole woman walking as that is the best time to really go over your posture principles.

Great Advice Aging gracefully. Thank you!


Hello again. I don't seem to get the posture right. I thought I should push my belly out while taking deep breathes in and lift my chest while breathing out. But I just read to NOT push my belly out. Have I done something to myself by pushing my belly out when I breathe in?

There is no need to push your belly out. Anything forced is likely to cause fatigue and soreness, and won't achieve correct alignment anyway. RELAX your belly, and keep your chest open and lifted as much as you can (not just while breathing out). The elements of WW posture are pretty simple and straightforward; try not to overthink it. - Surviving

I know, I tend to overdo whatever I do. But I'm 88 and stubborn but will do better. Maybe. I have been better since I read about relaxing not pushing out. :)

Hi prls girl - I think maybe you're thinking to breathe with your diaphragm you should "push out" your belly - but really it's making sure you breathe from your middle and not from your chest.... your belly should come out when you breathe in, but don't push it out, just let it expand... kind of how if you chest breathe, your ribcage will expand but you're not necessarily "pushing" it out.
think regal (lol!) everytime i walk around now I think I'm trying to look regal - but serene! nothing forced, but tall and relaxed. someone on here once said your goal is to look like a queen and I've taken that to heart.
i'm like you - i tend to 'overdo' thinking more is better... try harder... etc etc. but really it's about taking a step back and thinking about every part of your body and really pulling up and relaxing.
(by the way i love that you're 88 and so savvy with being online and trying this work out!! i know people who are in their 60s and can't change their ways at all! or figure out the computer!)

Thanks for your thoughts. What you told me makes sense. Itt worked better today. Today I could do posture most all day. And rested more than usual. I found to day that when breathing out if I pull in my abs (I guess that is the term or pull up inside my vagina ) the bulge stays inside better. Tonight it was almost inside. Better than usual by night. Does that makes sense?

U just asked about core strength on another post. Maybe core strength 'whatever it is has something to do with pasture. 'Cause something isn't right. Sometimes it works and again nothing doesn't. Ala in all, it's much better than it used to be before I came to this site. So thanks to all of you . My bladder drops down out my vagina sometimes. I can't wear a pessary. Painful.

made mistake on last post. First word is I instead of U.

typicalme you used the word "Regal" to tell me how to stand and walk in correct WW posture. Having keeping c WW posture most of the day. I have to say I must be mindful though to keep my posture right. Hard work. thanks for the Regal tip. :)