One year, and it hasn't fallen out!


And so, on July 2nd it was one year since my visit to Her Highness, the Uro-Gyno! The all-knowing Medicare thief had made her diagnosis - Cystocele! Interestingly enough, a Gyno had mentioned that I had a Rectocele years ago, and we don't do anything about it unless you can't poop! When I questioned Her Highness about the rectocele, voila, it was gone! But we wouldn't fix it during cystocele surgery, too dangerous in the anterior! Of course not, that could be another surgery $$$$!!!! My whole experience, which is just too much to type out, was enough to send you to the funny farm (wherever that is?). But, after actually "walking out" of the second appointment (she didn't bring the pessary sizing kit to this satellite office) after paying my co-pay, and deciding not to pursue ANYTHING with this SPECIALIST, i attacked the Internet. And, here you were, Christine.

I read and read, as I am sure all of us have done. I have applied any and all techniques I have been able to. (Firebreathing needs more attempts from me at this time.) I have bought 3 pessaries online, most uncomfortable, fall out, too big, etc., just to ease my own curiosity on these contraptions! Poise Impressa has been helpful on super-active days (I know, you don't recommend). Large tampons ---- in the garbage! Sea sponge, in the garbage! I myself like to think those Impressas hold things up when I am really active. We all wore tampons for years, and having them hold open the vagina didn't seem to make much difference (I know I read that we shouldn't have something hold it open). But for me, this is my "inner" thought of self-help on occasion, indeed not daily.

And so, one year later, nothing is really better, nothing is really worse! I have studied ballet since a child, and have always done the ballet positions routine. I have beautiful posture! I dance in a danceline with high kicks (yes, I am 70). I do yoga my whole life. I have taken out planks and very jumpy Zumba steps from my regular exercise regimens. But the "position" does seem to shift the bulge!

And I did learn that my insurance company didn't even care that they paid for a bladder test (to see how much urine is left in the bladder after emptying) that I didn't even have done. When I questioned the doctor, she said I probably didn't feel the catheter and the speculum go in together!!!!!! Now, really????? OOOUUUCCHHH

Bottom line, I am so glad I found this site, which backed up my inner-gut feeling when I walked out on that second appointment! FORGET SURGERY, mesh, and all the other scary procedures.

Thank you for all the information you have shared with us. Onto year two I go!

Hi GirlTalk!

Congratulations on feeling solidly grounded on the path to self-care! Women get it sooner or later that the system can’t help, but too often only after they’ve been damaged by awful surgeries.

As I wrote to a friend recently, the further I travel down this path of natural healing, the more enchanted I become. Little did I know, even a few years ago, that I am surrounded by natural medicines right outside my back door. I had to move my homemade remedies to a larger cupboard recently and was amazed at how many powerfully healing plants I have come to know and love.

I’m excited about the new WWYoga-flow I will be teaching at the WW Conference next month. These bodies are nothing less than magical and I’m still realizing truths about the body that science has somehow missed.

There is a sense of urgency now, because really, who knows how long this beautiful but imperiled planet is going to stay glued together? Becoming deeply present *in this body* and *in this gravitational field* seems utterly important somehow. Like maybe it is the gateway to whatever is Next.

We all have our emotional work to do. Like so many other women, I’m trying to let go of my need for absolute safety and security, which is the antithesis of joy and freedom. While many women try to find a huge chunk of that security from doctors, I feel my purpose is to inspire women to trust their body and trust nature!

Thanks so much for the update. After 20 years of the WW work, I feel I’m only now starting to “get it” at the deeper levels. There is no age limit for this, because the work means letting go of all our conditioning so that our inner child can surface. At first letting go of that conditioning means merely changing the physical form, but in time those changes become much more profound.

Wishing you well,


What great inspirational food for thought. Thank you, Christine, for your attention and reply to my first-year comment.