2019 WW Conference update


Hello WW Forum!

I want to let everyone know that we enjoyed a wonderful 2019 Whole Woman Conference last weekend! We graduated 6 very special WW Practitioners, all of whom are excited about beginning their work. I will post about them again as soon as we have their contact information up on the site. Our local WW Practitioner, Monique Sanders, came to help as did our Massachusetts Practitioner, Ruth Ever. In an email I just received Ruth said, “I just loved being with this graduating class…What a great group of women participants we had this year too!” It’s true…there were about 40 of us in all and the energy of the Conference this year was great, which I’m extremely grateful for.

Then on Monday and Tuesday we had a post-Conference workshop in my studio (14 women!) where we made all sorts of medicines for menopause. It was hilarious, but went amazingly well with nary a drop of spilled hot wax or tincture. Loved these women!

The night after that (Wednesday) a couple of our Conference attendees joined us for a night of Scottish and Irish music. About a dozen musicians showed up and we ate lots of good food, drank Irish beer, and played our favorite tunes.

A post-hysterectomy client arrived early the next morning who came in frightened and anxious, and left feeling confident that she will be able to provide WW self-care for the rest of her life. I love this work!

As you can imagine, I’m taking the next couple of weeks off to rest!

Best wishes to all who read this.


Congrats Christine, Lanny, new practitioners and all who assisted to make this conference a success. Looking forward to seeing updated listings on the Practitioners tab. The network just keeps growing, all over the world. It has been so exciting to witness. Onward and upward! - Surviving