I have very severe scoliosis and trying to use a pessary, advice needed.


Due to having scoliosis as a child and then being in to horrendous car accidents (neither my fault}, my left hip and back are pushed way to the left. My left hip is much larger then my right which causes me to roll sideways some when I sit. pillows or nothing has worked. I have to keep straightening myself up all the time. My question is this: Is the rolling sort of side to side going to be an issue with my new pessary?

My doctor and also nurse practitioner say the pessary should go where or as I go. Does anyone know?

Also, should I be able to see the bottom portion of my pessary when I look sitting down or standing up. It is uncomfortable so far and has thus far not fallen out. I see maybe a quarter inch of it. New to this so worried. I am 72 have tachycardia which I am now being monitored for in the next 30 days. Surgery for my bladder is likely not a future option since I have 2 stents in my abdominal aorta for aneurysms which I have had for 8 years.

Once the pessary is in should it be standing up or should it spread out as though it is a plate?

Hi and welcome to Whole Woman. There may be some past or current pessary users who might see your post and be able to address your questions. But most of the active members at present, have never used one, and are probably not considering it. I think you will just have to experiment to see what works best and feels best. There are so many different types and sizes that it's rare to have great luck on the first try. You do have some complicated issues which extend beyond the scope of this Forum, which is a community of women pursuing natural prolapse management. And you haven't mentioned your prolapse or why you wear a pessary. Do you still have your uterus? Sorry if we can't be of more help; however, Christine does do consultations and she is probably the only one qualified here. - Surviving

I tried two sizes of pessaries on my own, (purchased online) and I wondered the same thing. Apparently it does take many experimental tries to get the right kind and fit, even with a doctor's fit. Mine both round, stayed standing, even after I tried the "plate" position. I had no luck. But Poise Impressa Bladder Supports (3 sizes to try in one pack) size 1 has been helpful on high physical energy days, and I mentally feel like it gives my bladder a reminder to get back up there where it belongs. My "self-help" mental work!!!

Hello, I am 70 years old, was fitted with a pessary on Friday, 9/6, had to go back on 9/9 to get it removed. My doctor said you shouldn't know it is in there and I felt this, really no pain, just real uncomfortable. I couldn't see my regular GYN doctor on Monday, saw another one, and it was a very unpleasant time removing the pessary. It hurt and I spotted some for a couple days. I am very new to the pessary also, so I am hoping someone else will share some information about them as I go back Friday, 9/13 to try another size. Wishing you the best of luck.

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