Healing prolapse/rectocele


Hello! And, help!

I have 7 months postpartum. But, I’ve been busy being a new mom and lot of stress, hopefully it’s in the past. But, I really need to deal with this prolapse and rectocele . I feel it’s worse now and I’m peeing before I get to the toilet now . And, I’m really unhappy with my anatomy . I can’t see my vaginal opening and when inserting my fingers I feel protrusions from everyone angle . So, I really want to fix this mess. Please let me know what I can do . Kegals are a joke .

Hi Raelynn and welcome to Whole Woman. Have you had a chance to look around the site to discover what we have to offer to woman dealing with prolapse? I can't describe it any better than Christine Kent herself, so, I ask you to watch this short video for an overview of the Whole Woman approach. Come back with your questions and we will help as much as we can.....this is a great community of woman just like you. Prolapse is very common, and also very manageable WITHOUT dangerous surgeries. And you are right about kegels; they actually aggravate the situation. So please watch this. - Surviving


Hi Raelynn,
The 2 years postpartum are filled with great opportunity for healing so you want to immerse yourself as soon as possible. I continue to see great improvements all the way through today, 2 years post partum.
First thing to do is learn the posture and do that right away. then look into incorporating additional tools, firebreathing, nauli- also if you're having incontinence issues then luckily there's a whole program for that.
once you get the posture down, anything you need to know about it can be found in the history of this forum or even from those of us here now.
I don't look at my vagina, but the last time i checked almost 2 years ago, it was like yours- looked closed. but to be honest, isn't that what it always looked like? it was never a gaping hole... i don't know... i purely base everything on how i feel and ignore what it looks like down there. in fact, if the appearance is unnerving at the moment- don't look. try to take everything day by day and try not to let fear get to you. easier said than done!!