I just want to say that I am really looking forward to the first aid for osteoporosis. My mother has serious, debilitating osteoporosis and has had several collapsed vertebrae. She suffers far too much pain for anyone and her digestion also suffers because of her now extreme stoop. My grandma also had osteoporosis and I’ve been told I’m in the osteopenia range. This page has been my lifeline for my cystocele prolapse for the past two years. Whenever I feel rough I make a visit and then I don’t feel alone in all this. I am so grateful for all your work.

Hi Lamby, thanks for checking in. I think we are all looking forward to whatever comes next from Christine and Lanny! Take care of yourself. Weight-bearing exercise is important for bone strength, as is vitamin D (consider getting tested if you haven't). - Surviving

Thank you surviving 60. I’ve done plenty of research and already take vitamin d and am focusing on the walking. Fingers crossed I’m doing things ok. Lamby