Frequent Suppository Use


Hi everyone,

Is there any problem with frequently using a suppository to help with bowel movements? (I use at least one every time I try to go).

I have pelvic floor dysfunction and a small rectocele and get severe anxiety when I'm on the toilet that I'll fail to manage a bowel movement and will have to leave the toilet with a full bowel. Using a suppository gives me confidence that it will come out and helps me to relax.

Last week I'd run out of them and had to attempt a bowel movement without one, started to worry because it wouldn't come out immediately and couldn't go...

My bowels are a nightmare :)

I was on a similimar situation only few weeks ago. Went trough all The stages of grief, tried to pargain with enemas and fasting. There is no way around it, just relax and ww.
3 monhts ago i went to see gastrosurgeon to now for sure if i had hemmorroids. Durin The examination she made Barron ligation treadment. (She gave me no time to think about it just went for it) Also she told me i have rectocele. After that operation, i starded to get symptoms. I didn't realize it until things got bad.

My rectum got enlarged, could go without straining and enema. I Lost normal urge to poo. I could sleep or eat. I was terrified to wake up and take a poo. I did know WW would help but i was too afraid to give up my new toileting happits. Things are getting better now that i have let go and trusted fully on Christine's work. All The anwsers are here, read it over and over again. Posture, toileting, lopo all of it. Mastering fire breathing has made a huge differens with reshaping poo and getting all leftovers out next day. I get bulgy trough The day when new poo starts to build up, but then i do some fire breathing and take a walk, i get constant relief and know i can get it out at morning. It's very important to move trough The day. When I wake up I feel my rectum is full and stredsing. I get up take coffee and go to toilet. Now before at this point i would have strained but insted i take half squat and breath deep. If i feeI little bowel movement at in breath i now it's gonna come soon and relax. If i strain it gets stuck, but not to worry, get up do downward dog, giggle, firebreathing.

I had pressure and faschia pain, but thats better also. My PP cystocele is easily managed with WW, but rectocele really needed to take all aspects seriosly. I've been keeping track about my digestion, what to eat and specially when, to get back some rutine. I think that enemas made things worse and violeted my bowels. I took passion flower and cbd-a juice, to relax mind and bowel movement, but those are not long term solution. Dont be affraid, give yourself warm hug. Thank you Christine and all ladys for sharing.

Hi Trouble - you have posted many times before about your bowel issues, and have received many suggestions from us about how the Whole Woman work might help you. Have you given it a try yet? What resources of Christine's have you worked with? That is the purpose of this Forum (read the guidelines if you haven't yet), so no matter how many times you ask, we will say the same thing. - Surviving

Hi Surviving60,

Do you think that Christine's "Whole Woman Toileting for Pelvic Health" video would be a good starting point for my problems?

I find going to the toilet very challenging - I have to splint (a combination of vaginally, supported perineum, and pressing on either side of the sphincter) and also because the muscles in the opening to my bottom won't relax properly I have to strain.

I also try different positions on the toilet - squatting above the seat helps a bit, but raising feet (like a squatty potty) makes no difference at all.


Whole Woman posture is the starting point for all of this. Have you heard of it? I've gone back over your posts (again) and I'm not seeing any response from you when we ask how you are coming along with it. If you still don't have any materials of Christine's, then I agree the Fundamentals course which contains posture and toileting information would be the bare minimum. But you need to address this problem for real now. - Surviving