Can't stand on tiptoe due to nerve damage ...


I have the First Aid video which I bought back in 2017, but only watched it once because so much of the exercises are on tiptoes. I have come back to WW and using the posture and tips and I really want to engage in the exercises, but due to nerve damage on my right foot, I can't go on tiptoes on my right foot... any suggestions on either how to overcome this using the video, or if any of Christine's other videos is less tiptoe heavy (although I do understand that this is a big part of the philosophy). Feel like I'm really missing out by not being able to do that :(



Hi Mariam- Christine stresses work on toes because it's important to work the arch of the foot, which developed right in tandem with the lower lumbar curvature that is so central to this work. And some of her exercises and body positions on toes are the best for developing balance, and leveraging the lumbar curve for greatest stability of the organs.

That being said, if you can't go on toes, you can't go on toes. If you want some more variety in your exercises, just click on over to the WW Store and look at the offerings there. The First Aid for Prolapse streaming video course is a total update of what you have now, and contains some different moves from the dance-based routine you have. And there's an entire series of yoga videos. - Surviving

Thank you so much. I am doing a lot of work to strentgthen those muscles and nerves and I know one day it will come back, so I keep working at it, but for now a lot of the tiptoe stuff is inaccessible sadly.

I think my version of the first aid for prolapse seems to include the updates? Or are you suggesting that I would need to buy it again to get the updated version?

I would very much like to buy the other yoga videos, but am a bit reluctant as its a lot of money if I won't be able to do the majority of it. Can you advise perhaps which one are less tiptoe heavy?

Thank you so much x

Hi Mariam - if you have an on-line account which contains the First Aid for Prolapse streaming video, then I believe you are up-to-date there. I was thinking that what you might have was the original DVD. Which, in my opinion, is awesome too; but you seemed to be looking for more or different exercises, so I thought I'd mention it.

Again, I suggest that you check out what's available in the WW Store. I don't see the yogas being sold separately these days. You can get the set, or you can get the exercise bundle which contains some additional items. You can read up on it for yourself. Don't be so stuck on the tiptoe thing. Many of us have moves that we can't do, or at least not as well as we like, but that doesn't mean that you can't just do the moves and modify them as needed. No excuses! If the cost is more than you are prepared to pay, keep your eye on newsletters and forum posts because WW does offer discounts throughout the year.

Please don't lose sight of the central thing that Christine stresses over and over.....WW is not an exercise program. The single most important thing is staying in posture as much as possible as you move throughout your day. You are way too hung up on the tiptoe thing. Yes, you should continue to work on it and aim for more improvement, but your issues are not an impediment to this work. - Surviving

Thank you Surviving.

Just to clarify, I'm not way too hung up on the tiptoe thing. After being hit by a train, smashing my pelvis in two - damaging the sacral nerve roots amongst many other injuries, I almost died and spent almost a year in hospital and needed to learn to walk again. Movement, walking and using my feet has never been the same, as I'm sure you can imagine. So I'm just doing my best to understand what I can do, what I can't do etc. Its an ongoing learning process.

Part of your comment feels a bit hurtful to be honest, because there is a lot of movement that I find hard and that I absolutely do my best with and NEVER have found excuses - I've come a really unbelievably long way - but some things I do find really hard - especially things that are choreographed, but I have been modifying and really trying my best with that.

Thank you for the reminder that the it really is about posture throughout the day more than anything else.

Hi again. I am truly sorry, and I think my comment was a little misconstrued (my fault). I just wanted to make sure you understood that you don't need to do everything exactly as Christine does (many of us can't, including myself). You can still do the routines, just modify where needed and skip anything you just can't do.

It also seemed like you were looking for a different type of routine but were reluctant to order anything else. As I said......keep a weather eye out for sales and promotions. Besides yoga, the Elders program is great for those with some limitations of movement - is is not just for "elders" but for anyone who is looking for gentler exercises.

Again - my apologies. I don't know your story, other than what you have shared here, but it is clear that you are doing your utmost to make the best of things! - Surviving