Uterine Prolapse and IC


Hello – I have been lurking and reading here for about 5 weeks now and this is my first post. I had a uterine prolapse about 6 weeks ago. It is about a stage 2. I immediately found the Whole Woman site, ordered the first aid program and yoga bundle and have been diligently working the program. In addition I have had 3 PFPT sessions (I am not doing kegels – only the new kegels) and am doing a low dose of estrogen cream as vagina was severely atrophied ( I know this is not recommended by WW but I decided to do a short course then switch to a non-hormonal based approach). I have had significant improvement in the prolapse so far. Most days with some Whole Woman walking/posture, firebreathing, pelvic rocks and belly jiggles I can get my uterus back up where it belongs and it stays there most of the day (although it is not always very comfortable – sometimes feels like it is sitting on top of my vulva and feels really weird, other times it feels like a sock stuffed up inside of me and as if there is air trapped in there, but sometime I can’t feel it at all!) But there’s a problem. I have IC. It was in remission for several years but began to flare again in the 8 months or so preceding the prolapse. I was having a terrible flare when the prolapse occurred. I was on Cipro thinking I had an infection (I sometimes wonder if the Cipro was a factor given the issues with this medication and tendonitis). So what I am finding now is that when I get my uterus all tucked back up where it belongs I have pelvic pain and IC flares. When my uterus is dropped a bit my bladder is relieved. What a mess. Another potential complicating factor in all of this is that my new urogyn told me that back when I had my first two c-sections in the the 1980’s (had a 3rd one in 1995) that they routinely sewed the uterus to the bladder. I am terrified for what this could mean for my situation. And just a final piece of information…..upon examination my urogyn said that it felt more like an elongated cervix than a prolapse, whatever that means. She said everything else felt good and strong (the PT disagreed - said I had some weakness in vaginal walls). The final thing I will add to this complicated picture is that I believe that while some preconditions may have been there already, I am pretty sure I did this via an extreme yoga pose I did about 2 weeks before the prolapse. It caused extreme pulling on my tailbone and when I was done I told my husband that I felt like I broke something. I am seeking advice, counsel, words of wisdom, information. I want to avoid surgery at all costs but am pretty sure I cannot live with constant IC Flares. It feels like my bladder does not want my uterus back up there. Or maybe my Uterus does not want to be up there with that hot bladder! What a predicament. Thank you all. I look forward to your feedback.

I don't want your post to go unanswered, but unless you want to book a consult with Christine, there is not much we can tell you. We are just a community of women managing prolapse naturally using Whole Woman tactics and tools. If you use the search, you will find many posts on here discussing the dangers of Cipro. If you think you are finding a connection between IC flares and the position of your uterus.....that might be a good topic for discussion with Christine. The tethering of your uterus to your bladder is not something I can recall ever even hearing about (what would be the reason? I have to google this!). But it would certainly have a huge effect on the pelvic dynamics upon which natural support of the organs depends. Sorry I can't be of help. Christine has so many projects in the works that she rarely comes on the forum these days, so your best bet for some good direction would be to book a consult through the Store. - Surviving

Welcome to the site! I hope you're feeling positive about the results you're seeing so far...
I don't know a whole lot (read:anything) about IC but I do know that in my reading of this site - it comes up quite a bit. Do a search on here to read up about it.... there's probably a lot of inflammation there.
I would think probiotics and anti inflammatory foods would all help... I've been brewing my own kombucha and have been TRYING to make my own sauerkraut to some degrees of success. When I've got batches ready I try to drink/eat probiotics on an empty stomach....
In any event - keep learning, keep trying to get that uterus to stay up, and hopefully you can figure out how to handle the IC without resorting to antibiotics... your entire gut flora might need some help right now.
I googled the bladder to the uterus during c-section - I guess it's possible since it comes up as a thing that is done or has been done... I wonder if your gyn telling you your cervix is elongated might be a clue - if your uterus IS attached to your bladder and prolapsing, it might be stretching.... all the more reason to keep it in position as much as possible.
I remember reading on this site that some prolapse surgeries in the past used to attach the uterus to the abdomen at the top of the uterus (this actually is one of the better ways to 'fix' prolapse instead of trying to support the uterus from the bottom with mesh or whatever else they're doing these days) - i mean, none of the surgeries are a good idea but I think that doing it that way was the better of 2 evils.... in any case - one of the side effects of that type of surgery is an elongated cervix where the uterus would stretch and become more eggplant shaped if it continued to prolapse.... which, if no lifestyle changes are made is what will happen.
and I know you're looking for a 'thing' that caused your prolapse (i.e. the yoga position) and it's entirely possible that that yoga move pushed you over the edge prolapse wise - but really - all women are susceptible unless they live and move in the right way.... I have been following some prolapsed women on various sites and some have had surgery and prolapse came right back and they're shocked... others are struggling with symptoms for many years... and I see them posting pictures sitting in c shaped spine or talking about running (not in whole woman posture) or getting back to the gym etc etc... all these things are huge red flags to me - not that you can't work out and exercise and run - but women have to do these things differently to men... especially women that have prolapsed already!
It might be a good idea to see whether or not your uterus IS attached to your bladder - but luckily, the whole woman work is the same no matter what your situation is.... it just might not quite work the same if you've had any kind of surgical work done...

Thank you both for replying and for the time and thought you put into your responses! I agree that I should have a consult with Christine and will do that right away. It IS complicated but I am very happy with the results I have been able to achieve so far. I will keep the forum updated on my progress.