Still having burn and pressure to pee after uti antibiotics


I found this site some time ago and have found a lot of great advice. I had a UTI and was given two rounds of Cipro and It still didnt go away and then they gave me one more round of Keflex. I still have the urge and a burning below my belly button. However there is no bacteria in the culture or the dip test. I read about honey can help with uti. I have been using the raw local honey for about two weeks now. Since there is no UTI could it be the Cipro and Keflex totally irritated me. I have changed my diet to an alkalizing diet and am taking kefir and probiotics. Is there anything I can do do get relief. Sometimes I take baking soda to help with the lower burn. It seems to jump around from the urge to the burn. I am retired with a very low income and would appreciate any advice. I do not want to go back to the doctor. They are not helping me and I need to find a way to help myself. The last checkup I had I was told I have a rectocele however it does not bother me. The doctor tried to sell me some 300.00 device to do kegels with. I was so disgusted with the sales pitch that is when I found this site, and have been doing the new kegel. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Here is a recent post of Christine's discussing UTI and related discomforts. And there are many forum threads on here that might be helpful, if you use the search box.

Hi Body,
Thanks for your query. I'm sure you're not alone!
If I'm right in understanding you: the uti went away went away when you used the honey - in which case perhaps the honey works! I'd advise continuing with that regime & monitor how it goes. At least it won't do any harm, & maybe the answer.
I'm not au fait with the medications you describe so can't comment on those.
However the WW approach; consistent posture, regular WW exercises (esp if there is a current problem), WW toileting, diet & lifestyle; all part of the WW treatment, are known amongst the WW community to help with uti's.
There's a lot of advise & info on the website & the forum. For those who can afford it, there are also on-line resources & Practitioners to see/call.
It's important for everyone to take inner & outer support seriously:)
Love & best wishes,

Thank you Permalink.

I am wondering is any one else has had urge to pee and burning with no bacteria after using antibiotics for uti. . I read Christines post about the honey and d-mannose. I have had this condition for over two weeks and it is so annoying. Besides using honey, and now I will add the d-mannose I am taking probiotics, kefir and aloe juice. It is my understanding the honey will take care of the left over bacteria. I know the antibiotics must have caused this condition. I want to help myself. I searched the web and yes they all say IC and inflammatory pelvic and even the ic sites try to sell horrible blood thinning drug to alleviate the symptoms. Would the Vagina video in Christines store help me? I cannot afford the menopause course. If anyone has had this what did you do and will it go away. Thank you

I have had been through three rounds of UTI this year, started antibiotics only to discover when the culture came back that there was no bacteria. I am learning about the role of biofilms in chronic UTI. I will try to come back in tomorrow with links to some information if that is allowed here. What I am learning makes alot of this mess make sense.

Hi Mbutterfly I read about the biofilms and the Biofilm defense the Lactoferrin and monalauren etc. However I think the use of honey should take care of the biofilms. Christine said there is a resistant strain of bacteria and the use of honey should help us. I am wondering if the antibiotics just burnt the inside of my urinary tract and vagina that is why I keep feeling like I have to pee and have burning. I read alot on this site and the post above (the link) and bought the Vulva video. Any help as to if this will go away or what it is would help. Did you still have the feeling to pee and burn after the uti? Thank you so much.

Hi wholewomanuk thanks for the link so am I to understand there is still hidden or resistant bacteria and the honey will eradicate it? If not how do I get the bacteria to go away? Thank you