Success story from Everhopeful


One of our members, Everhopeful, has posted her wonderful success story at the end of another discussion thread on this Forum. I wanted to post a link to it here, so that anyone looking for success stories (and aren't we all?) won't miss it! Thanks and much love to you, Everhopeful!! - Surviving

[link and original post removed; Everhopeful has reposted below]

I am returning to thank you for this site, the wise words and amazing advice which I have been following successfully for over five years. Through breathing,posture,exercises and life style changes you have given me a recipe for life, for health,independance and no risk natural answers to my cystocyle, rectocyle and even help with recover after injury . The magical honey tip I have passed on to many ,so simple ,so natural,so cheap but wow brilliant ! I also use raw organic coconut oil to stop chaffing . Whole woman UK has given me inspiration ,tips and posture confirmation and I was so happy to meet her some time ago .
I knew that surgery was not a natural choice for me and I remember my fathers wise advice many years ago , never have surgery unless it is life or death . Although I am almost 70 I am very much alive !
Conventional surgery is one thing and many women just want a quick fix to Pop and don't bother to research much if at all but because we are constantly on the move and our pelvic organs also I believe surgeons do not have the long term answers and if surgery goes wrong you have even Moore problems .
I have been supporting mesh injured women with Pop and Sui problems , and men and women with hernia mesh implants , much same cheap, profitable plastic . When the mesh goes wrong it causes constant pain, autoimmune diseases etc which the surgeons rarely admit to because removal of the mesh is almost impossible . Even after 20 years they have no register of outcomes and so no long term knowledge of damage or success. It is a scandal even worse than the recommendation of hysterectomy to solve prolapse , in fact the hysterectomy can be the precursor to more prolapse from all that women have told me .
When women hear news of mesh damage ,also called new mesh,tape,ribbon,band,bio mesh etc, they come to FBook group sling the mesh to ask where and what is the answer . The women who are in tune with their bodies r the first to thank me for recommending Whole Woman. Others need a little more encouragement but all are grateful for the wisdom here and the videos .
The posture, First Aid for Prolapse and Yoga have been my life lines and I am so grateful for being independent of doctors regarding Pop ,everything I need for a healthy happy life with Pop is here and I can only repeat THANK YOU SO. MUCH.