Exercises and Popping and Pregnancy


Hello lovely Whole Woman Friends!

Just diving into this practice after ordering the videos for Urinary Incontinence and Yoga and Dancing. I've been practicing for about a month now and have seen slight improvements which is more than I have seen with any other program since having my daughter 3 years ago, so yay! I'm highly optomistic! I feel so empowered just taking the stance that this alone is worth it. I feel like a super woman!

I have a few questions. While I have a stage 2 prolapse according to my pelvic floor physiotherapist (who I don't see anymore) I don't notice it much and my main concern is stress incontinence. Is it enough to do the yoga videos and/or the dance videos or should I be doing the incontinence videos every day too?

Also, I have popping issues! Popping and sort of grinding sound in my hips when I do forward leg lifts. What's this all about and will it go away? What can I do to help it? My other popping issue is what I think is due to the prolapse. When I bend sometimes my vagina sucks in air and I can shift to release it which makes a popping noise. Is this something I can overcome too?

One more question (for now lol), I'd like to get pregnant in the next few months. Can I do the exercises while pregnant and can I expect to continue to heal, align and strengthen while pregnant? My PT actually said pregnancy can be a great reset for the body.

Looking for more hope please!


My guess for the popping is tight facias. WW yoga and piriformis stretches might help. Search for snapping hip syndrome. I dont have save your hips, but threre could be anwsers.

I'm also planning to get pregnant next year. I have found from this Forum that firebreathing and nauli are no no and similar exercices (like cat/cow) with same breathing technique that create a vacuum to your tummy are not recomented. Keeping posture and WW walking are save pregnant.

I have question too about pregnancy and exercise. Can i do cat/cow pose If i breathe very gently through nose ? Many pregnancy exercise programs seem to have that move. And how about new kegels/ pelvic tilts? And jiggling? Spending time on elbows and knees, would hands and knees be better?

We don't concern ourselves too much with stages or grades of prolapse. Any such diagnosis is nothing more than a snapshot in time. The organs are always moving around, which is why they can be so positively (or negatively) affected by what we do as we go throughout our day.

Imaginalcells, you have not mentioned posture at all in your post. That is the key to this work. It is not primarily an exercise program and this is a common misconception. How much or how little or which exercises you do, are less important than HOW you do them (in WW posture and following WW guidelines for safe movements) and above all, how well you keep posture when you stand, sit, walk, run, bend, lift, carry, eliminate.....basically whenever you are upright, WW posture should be your goal. And this is a habit it takes awhile to form. It calls for a lot of mindfulness in the beginning especially.

Prolapse, incontinence, hip issues...these are all connected to the same postural concepts. And WW posture is the approach. Each of Christine's programs offers specific exercise moves that home in on each condition, but it's all about the posture, which we cannot stress enough.

I don't have hip issues and I'm not an expert there. But I think if I were doing something that made my hip joints pop and grind, I would skip that exercise. The hips program might be a good choice for you, and even with the stuff that you have, you can find plenty of other comfortable moves and stretches. I'm not a fan of leg lifts personally; I always feel my belly tighten when I do them, which isn't good for prolapse anyway. Someone who is more fit (like Christine) with stronger muscles can do them better without that strain.

Christine does caution against fire breathing during pregnancy or for anyone with high blood pressure. But apart from this, I think you can do whatever feels good. The absolute best exercise for anyone, pregnant or not, is mindful WW posture walking. Deliberate walking where you are staying mindful of all the elements of posture, is the best thing you can do. When I was a newbie here, I thought that walking was making me feel worse, but the more I did it, and the more I thought about my body position, the better it became. I once hiked for 3 hours and ended up with virtually no symptoms for hours and hours afterwards.

Marja, I'd say all of those moves are perfectly fine, just avoid the tummy-vacuum stuff. It sounds like you have a good handle on the concepts.

Good luck ladies! - Surviving

Thank you for both of your responses!

I'll be sure to search snapping hip syndrome! Great questions re: new kegels. I do love this and would think that it would help to position baby and placenta better as pregnancy progresses.

I check in regularly with my posture and also my thoughts, actually, as I have my phone alarm set for every hour and ask myself how am I carrying myself and are my thoughts serving my highest good? But i'm at the beginning of this journey and I know with time I will be in WW posture more and more often. That being said, is it recommended to never slouch? Even when you are relaxing on the couch?

I love to hear about not caring so much about stages or grades of prolapse. This makes a lot of sense to me! Sounds like I would really benefits from getting the prolapse and hips course as well.

So cool to hear you felt better after a 3 hour hike. Where can I learn more about how to properly walk? I tuck my chin, relax stomach and untuck my pelvis while walking but I'm unsure where to strike on my foot first. I seem to remember reading somewhere it's the pad and not the heel?

I'd love to hear from others experiences about what I can expect for healing, strengthening and aligning while pregnant.

Many thanks,

Imaginal Cells

WW walking is nothing more than very mindful and deliberate walking, with all elements of the posture in place.

Christine has discussed forefoot walking, where the ball of the foot touches down first, not the heel. But she has also indicated that while this can be good for prolapse, it needs to be done with care. I tried it and couldn't stick with it, for a number of reasons....1) hard habit to form, 2) made me self-conscious while walking around my office, and 3) I am prone to nighttime foot and leg cramps, and her personal advice to me on this was to keep a good stretch up the back of the legs, which forefoot walking tends to shorten. - Surviving

hi imaginalcells - I know that toe walking was a new concept Christine introduced as being very good for prolapse and when I do toe walk - i have to say - it feels great. However, i just can't keep it up outside of a few steps here and there - i feel too self conscious.
Where I've found it to be really helpful is for running. I don't run these days but sometimes when I'm out for a walk i'll pick up the pace and run a few stretches and I make sure to toe strike first and it feels great, very prolapse safe and not jarring in any way. I just make sure to really emphasize posture....

I'm not a runner myself, but as a prolapse-friendly form of exercise, I do like to run in place (or jump) landing on the balls of the feet. It does indeed make my prolapse feel good. This goes along with the principle of weight-loading from above, to keep the vagina as a closed, airless space, keeping the organs weighted towards the front of the body. But two things are important with this activity. The first and foremost requirement is to maintain WW posture (always) and the second is to make sure your toes can spread. I have several pairs of the spacer socks that Christine wears, in one of the video clips where she demo's jumping. - Surviving