PelGrip Exerciser?


Hello everyone. Been awhile since I've been on here.....just trying to stay healthy and exercise. I was on Facebook this morning and saw this exerciser and wanted to see if anyone has used it. It's called PelGrip Exerciser. It's a round circle (sort of like a pilates circle) that you squeeze between your legs. It's supposed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. I'm kind of scared to try new things unless someone else has used it and got good results. Thanks.

Just out of curiosity, I looked at the video and it has me wondering how that is different than kegels?

I also looked back at your older posts and see that you are having that heavy feeling? I had that when first finding prolapse too, but what helped me the most was dedicated posture work, and plenty of jiggling and firebreathing.

I did also see that you were looking into the whole woman work; if you did happen to purchase some of the materials, it would be a good idea to look them over again.

No quick fixes help prolapse, but plenty of posture work does!
Best wishes to you.

I haven't used that device but I have been using a small ball at times a pillow while on my back and I must say it feels good. One of the positive ways to strengthen pelvic muscles without doing kegels. I am new and had that heavy feeling.. the need to hold things up drove me nuts .. I do not feel the need to " hold " things up anymore especially just joining this site to find out doing kegels is not all what it is cracked up to be. Maintaining good posture contributes as well and I notice if my posture is not right I must correct it. Yes it can be exhausting ( to me at least ) but it is a start to train the body to get it right. If you do begin using the device let me know how it feels.. it looks interesting but not sure if it is any different from a exercise ball.

A couple of points I want to make here......

We have a fairly low tolerance for members who use this site to promote products, even if they have no vested interest in that product, and especially if that product goes against everything that Christine has taught us about pelvic support and how it is best achieved and maintained. So let's forget kegel devices and not launch into a discussion of them here. Click on the forum guidelines (above left) for a refresher on why this forum exists.

Sitting on an exercise ball is not particularly helpful. It is difficult to maintain WW seated posture while trying to keep your position on a moving object. It probably feels good because it is pushing up on the prolapse and providing a sensation of support. You'd be better off with something more stable that allows you to concentrate on keeping your lower spine from collapsing. - Surviving