Possible Prolapse


I honestly had no idea this issue existed until I saw it with my own eyes. I believe I have a Prolapsed Uterus and my mind is all over the place. I am in my early 40s not in menopause.. but this is my situation. A little while ago I felt the need to lay down a bit too much and had some abdominal discomfort brushed it off until I saw unusual spotting.. a large dot when I had wiped. My period wasn't due for another 3 weeks and I thought perhaps I cut myself from or something. I decided to check and saw nothing on my inner thigh area and something told me check my vagina.. what I saw just shocked me. It looks like my cervix just at the entrance.. not outside of my body just there.

... I was and still am in shock. I will see my doctor in a few weeks but I am scared and do not want this to get worse. I felt like I had to hold my insides to keep from falling out and web searching just drove me more nuts about it. I found myself checking way too many times down there for changes. I have came across kegel exercises and began doing them for a while.. so far I do not feel the need to hold in as much as before. But I am scared and do not know what to expect.

I found this forum in hopes that I can get a peace of mind because I feel very much alone. No one truly understands what I am going through .. I get back pains and at times feel pinches. Can't be intimate with my Husband .. it is just too much and no one understands.

Hi Quietmom - you are in the right place! all of us came here just as you are now. scared, surprised, disappointed, etc.
What you have is quite common, it's not life threatening, and you will be ok. There are things you can do to help ease your symptoms but it will take some work and time and patience and change of lifestyle.

Now when you go to your doctor, depending on your doctor, but most likely you'll hear that this cannot get better without surgery, likely a hysterectomy. That's not true. So don't panic... also don't panic if you hear him/her 'grade' your prolapse - our pelvic organs are moving around all the time...
There is a lot of information here and it's hard to know where to start but this is all about redefining how wrong the whole "pelvic floor" concept is. Guess what - we don't have a pelvic floor at all... and your vagina is not what's holding up your uterus and your bladder. And kegels are pretty useless for anything at all and actually harmful for prolapse....
my suggestion to you is to look through this site - as much as you can - read everything Christine's ever written in her articles, her book, her blog... Go through all the tabs at the top of this page - there is a ton of information there. this forum has years of good advice, years of answers to questions, years of women discussing natural remedies for all of the stuff you're going through now.

you will be fine :)

Thank you so much for your reply TypicalMe.. It brightened my spirits reading your words. It is interesting that you mentioned about Kegels being pretty useless because running around the internet I have read several women stating the same thing. I do not want hysterectomy either.. I don't think my prolapse is that bad to remove anything. I am looking forward to seeing what the doctor tells me it is because I can't pinpoint if it is my cervix or bladder. I can use the bathroom just fine.. just have that discomfort. But we will see.

I will definitely roam through this site as you suggested and find useful tips.

Thanks again! :))

Here is a short video that will give you a good overview of Whole Woman concepts:


And a couple of blog articles explaining why you should stop kegeling now:


And that's just the tip of the iceberg.....but it will get you started. - Surviving

Thank you for these links Surviving60 interesting and valuable information. This will help me engage with my doctor over some of the things that concern me. Makes me feel better and placing me in the right direction when it comes to learning about myself as a woman and what is needed to begin my journey in managing my prolapse.

Appreciate your contribution thank you :))

We would never tell a woman not to see her doctor if that is her choice. But we can give you an idea of what to expect. The medical model for prolapse management doesn't have a lot to offer, and it's mostly more harmful than helpful. Pelvic floor physical therapy (that's basically kegeling and measuring how hard you can squeeze!). A variety of surgical procedures, any one of which will start you down a path you will most likely regret later. Pessaries, which are notoriously tricky to fit and which (if you're lucky) can provide some symptom relief but mostly at the expense of further aggravation of prolapse (because they mostly hold the vagina open; WW posture helps train it to remain flat and airless). So if your head is spinning after you see the doctor, I hope you'll take a deep breath and come back here. - Surviving