Been feeling great lately


Hi lovely ladies of Whole Woman - it's been a little over 2 years since my last baby and my prolapse and I've been feeling so great that I went ahead and got pregnant again!
I had been wanting a 3rd child and thinking about it and since I have been pretty symptom free, and 2 years had passed post baby, I felt confident in going forward...
and then as soon as I peed on the stick and saw that second line - fear!!! what have I done? can we handle a 3rd (at 40)? will my body be ok??
and surprisingly, or rather, not surprisingly, my fears are not at all around prolapse (thanks Christine!!) I'm confident I can handle my prolapse using all the tools I've acquired... I'm more afraid of tearing (again). I've had 2 bad tears and I'm so afraid of doing permanent damage to my rectum. especially since my babies are huge and have huge heads.
I've even thought of just going for an elective c section (which is very unlike me - but the fear makes one think crazy things). But reading through this site about c sections and choosing a midwife group instead of an ob for this birth - have calmed me down. I do need an ob on hand should I tear again and this group has one they work with. I haven't been for my first appointment yet so I guess we'll see what they say when they hear my story and take a look. I don't know if they'll even take me on.
so now i have waves of fear that come and go but I will think positive, picture a push free, slow birth, picture minimal tearing, and hope for the best.
I'm going to aim to avoid sugar this pregnancy in hopes of having a smaller baby. not sure that would help with their giant heads though. I've been taking collagen and will continue to do so throughout this pregnancy so hope that helps with elasticity.

in other news, I wanted to again add a benefit of posture - my son weighs 30 lbs now. my daughter was the same weight at 2 years old. Back when I used to carry her around and put her to bed and whatnot I had constant back and hip pain. Now, doing the posture as well as I can for the past 2 years, I've had 0 back pain carrying my son. I also stopped hip carrying and that's helped with hip pain - always holding close to the chest instead.
and another little tidbit - my little son - pooping on his little potty - he does the lo-po position! he leans forward and even puts his hands on the floor when having to go. he's even raised his butt off the seat to push... it's amazing how natural it all is.

Great post! Congrats on all your successes, and especially on the pregnancy. You will be fine, with all your knowledge and everything that you have witnessed firsthand about how all this works. It might be a roller coaster at times but you will know what to do, and you will do it fearlessly. Nothing much else that you can do to prepare. Your body will rise to the occasion, and whatever happens after that, you take one day at a time. I am so happy for, not to mention envious of , the young moms who discovered these truths during the childbearing years. There is SO much you can do to point your healing in the right direction. Keep us posted.....documenting the journey to help others through theirs, is the best thing this Forum can offer! - Surviving

I so appreciate you being here every day... I will definitely document my journey since that is the best way, at the moment, that i can give back to this site which has given me so much....
I used to hear you say that we were lucky to get prolapse post partum and I thought that was crazy talk but I totally get it now... having this priceless knowledge during the magical time of post partum is invaluable. I shudder to think how badly I could have healed had I continued wearing waist trainers, continued carrying my kids in bad positions, continued reclining on the couch to breastfeed.... all that natural shrinkage and movement happening in all the wrong angles.
I *am* fearless these days... when it comes to prolapse! the tearing.... ugh - that scares me... but no matter what, I'll take one day at a time and really be careful how i birth, and how I heal.... i cringe when I think back to sitting cross legged a day after a bad tear... even with stitches I'll keep my legs together for the first few days and definitely implement gentle posture right away.
I've also read and re-read the journeys of the birth stories on here from before and I've gotten good ideas and advice....
thinking positive :) i'm going to focus on the loveliness that is a new baby and push out anything dark that comes my way.

Thank you for this forum where you can be anon and bring up very difficult subjects - like I had constant UTIS but now I dont have any by being 100 times more careful - the GP said he would not give me any antibiotics any more which is understandable so I had to really work at getting the UTIS not to happen - I have had much help and a good year or so with no worries and am able to manage my prolapse without medications and the hormones and all that I have been offered but this year I have to have a colonoscopy which is a risk here with a cervical prolapse and my husband and friend dont want to me have one because of the risk but the doctors GP do want me to as I have had rectal bleeding - I have had one colonoscopy which was ok AS you are so experienced do you have any ideas about this - I mean the colonoscopy involves a tube inserted with a camera to check for polyps if you have rectal bleeding - I know it is a valid operation but my prolapse could block the tube - I suppose the best idea is to see the specialist in charge and explain about my prolapse but then he might suggest surgery for my prolapse but I have to get the doctor to write a referral for an appointment which he might not do. MY friend said to stand up for myself and to contact Christine (Your whole woman forum and help) which is what I am doing right now- I hope I have explained myself properly sorry if it is a difficult one to answer and I know the forum is closing down but thank you for your compassion to help in time of distress- my friend has had to pay out thousands of dollars as she has had a botched operation recently she was so distressed as she had a botched operation without mesh and could hardly walk - luckily she had a good GP who sent her to the mainland of Australia for help and a hysterectomy - she is so upset
Also with your exercises it is hard to sit up straight for me as I have back pain but it is perseverance I know - thanks again

Internationally I hope you will get a medal of service to nursing and compassion - it has been a great help to us overseas

Hi Happy - Is a Cologuard kit available in your healthcare system? I would start there first, if you are being pressured to have another colonoscopy. We can't give you medical advice here, and I don't know a thing about the healthcare system that you have in your part of the world. What are your options and why do you say you HAVE to have another colonoscopy? - Surviving

Well 5 years ago I had bleeding and a test to see if I needed a colonoscopy and the GP said the test came out positive and so I had a colonoscopy 5 years ago and they found a benign polyp which was removed and did not mention about mt uterine prolapse - I have had bleeding since and the deal is the doctors want me to check in after 5 years to see if any more polyps have grown back - 5 years is up now so I will get a letter from the hospital a routine letter for a colonoscopy but because of my prolapse my husband doesnt want me to have it done - he thinks it is a risk as the prolapse might get in the way of the colonoscopy so I have to decide although the GP will advise me to have the colonoscopy to make sure I have no polyps growing back which is fair ennough - if I decide not to have the colonoscopy I just dont have to turn up at the hospital I suppose it is up to me. I think I will go and discuss it with the GP as he is nice about the whole situation and then see what happens and I suppose I could even see the doctor who will do the colonoscopy - I find this prolapse is a problem sorry and thanks Surviving all best wishes

sorry a typing error line 3
about my uterine prolapse

Thanks you for the forum - it has been a great help to me and obviously others
I am in Australia and it seems a similar system of health as yours
Thanks you so much for all your advice and help

I (69) just had a colonoscopy, last one was ten years ago. I have a grade 2 cystocele and a slight uterine prolapse. I did notice the cystocele and prolapse to be worse during the amount of time on the toilet. But once the bowel was empty everything felt better. Don't strain. I needed the colonoscopy for an upcoming abdominal surgery. I have a friend who has to get polyps removed every 3 yrs.