Bad prolapse


Hi, I have posted before. My prolapse is so bad. Uterus is out, cervix down. I tried two different pessaries but was very uncomfortable. Is anyone familiar with the gelhorn pessary. Because my prolapse is so heavy, I was wondering if this would do better. I am 70 years old and do not want surgery, but am very miserable. Any users if the gelhorn pessary? Many thanks.

Here are a couple of links to search results on both "Gellhorn" and "Gelhorn" (the 2nd is a misspelling).

In my understanding, your uterus needs to be inside in order for the posture to work. Meaning - the posture won't coax your uterus inside, but once it's in there, it'll work to keep it there.
I think if I was in your shoes, I'd try the pessary to get everything back inside, and then once it's there, work vigilantly on posture in hopes of eventually removing the pessary.
Whichever one you try, make sure it's flat and keeps your vagina closed as well as possible. I believe the ring with support is the flattest one?
Then posture, posture, breathing, exercise - and try to get that all ingrained and second nature, then experiment without the pessary for short periods... leading to longer periods.
all of this will take a lot of time, work and patience.
Have you tried to manually push everything up? Maybe push it all up then get on all 4s and do some belly tosses... see if you can get everything to stay in even for a little bit.
nauli is a great tool for sucking everything up... there are a lot of ways here to keep those organs from falling back.
there are also external support garments if your uterus is coming out - like a v2 supporter. if you search through this site you might find discussions on them. I believe they're most helpful for women with external prolapse (as opposed to internal).
hopefully you find something that eases your misery, I'm sure it's very uncomfortable. If you search for 'external' here you might get some results and ideas from women whose prolapse has gotten out.

Is it possible to work out with a weight program if you suffer from cystocele?

I have never worked out with weights, but I will make the same statement I make over and over and over again on this forum: It is not WHAT you do, but HOW.

If you are a newbie to Whole Woman, I would hold off doing anything like this until you are fully versed in the principles of posture, lifting techniques, acute vs. obtuse body angles, and so forth. Once you have incorporated Whole Woman posture into all areas of your life, then and only then can you evaluate what effect any particular activity is having on your pelvic organs. Do they feel supported, or is the wrong kind of pressure coming to bear? You will be able to tell; your body will tell you.

Beyond that I cannot say, having no specific experience. Maybe others can contribute to this discussion, and/or you can use the search box (above left) to see what existing threads might be on the forum. - Surviving

Hi Moonstone,
What surviving has said above really resonates with me. Lifting in general has been a struggle for me while I worked on lessening my symptoms of prolapse. I wouldn't even lift a laundry basket when I first started this work. As I strengthened my body into whole woman posture, I gained the confidence to try more things.
I recently started shoveling again, but I have been smart on how I do it. First I have one of those bent looking ergonomic shovels, and I am careful about how much snow I lift up. I can lift most of the lighter snow maintaining a good posture friendly stance, but still have trouble with the heavier stuff. I just go by how it feels; if I feel that telltale pulling, then I ease up.
I think that would apply to the weights too. Make sure you are in good whole woman posture using whole woman practices, and start light, see how that feels, and then add weight providing you aren't feeling symptomatic. And, if you need to suck your belly in for any of this, you are definitely working against posture, so watch out for that!
Best wishes on your journey.