Hysterectomy story


Hi everyone,
This is a long story. I’m 41 and have just had a hysterectomy. I feel I had no other choice but to have it done. I had been in constant pain for many months. But I need to start from the beginning. Early August I had a really bad strain trying to pass a stool. I had two strange feelings, the first was hemorrhoid flare up and the second was very scary. I felt something inside me slowly fall inside my body. Don’t know what it was or where it was falling, and hard to explain but it felt smooth and it fell for a few seconds making me think it was either my intestines or inside my rectum. I felt something was wrong right away but didn’t have actual symptoms till a few days later. My bottom hurt to sit and I got acid reflux really badly and I started to notice mucus in my stool. I went to urgent care two weeks later and was checked inside my bum, told I had inflammation in my rectum and internal hemorrhoid flare up. I went to a proctologist about a week later and this doctor only did a digital exam. He gave me pills and a rectal cream and was assured it was nothing. Fast forward 3 months, I felt better but never the same. I would take the pills and cream and feel good for a week then one bad day of rectal pain and back on the pills and cream I would go. After 4 months on and off with pain I said no more! This is not normal. Mean while I was experiencing other symptoms. My stools were becoming both smaller and thinner. It was becoming harder to pass stool and feeling pressure high in my rectum. I missed two periods in a row then had two periods back to back. The last one very heavy. In constant pain from not being able to go and the rectal pressure becoming more intense I ended up in the hospital. Was told I did not have hemorrhoids. Was done a CT scan of my abdomen and was told that I had an enlarged uterus with fibroids. I went back and forth with doctors trying to find out if my uterus was the cause of my rectal pressure and pain. I was not convinced that it could be my uterus, especially since I had an ultrasound done and my uterus was measured. At my last GYNO appointment I was scared into having a colonoscopy because they said I might have cancer and that I needed an MRI which costs 3 thousand dollars for further imaging of my uterus. I was in constant pain and agony at this point. I could not sit for more than 10 mins. I could not pass stool when I had the urge. Constant rectal pressure. I had lost more than 20 lbs in 3 months, spent hundreds of dollars on appointments and tests and had no real answers. I gave in. My mother and my husband finally convinced me to have the hysterectomy done even with all my doubts, I had it done. And I’m very glad I did. My uterus was huge, deformed and twisted towards my rectum. It was putting constant pressure on my rectum. I am post-op 6 days and no longer feeling the pressure. I can go to the bathroom, regular size stools like before but.... I’m left with some symptoms I had before and want to know if they will go away with time or do I have rectal damage? I feel stool gets trapped at the end of my BMs. Then lm left with anal and rectal pain. I can only describe the pain as if you’ve had diarrhea for two days straight and you feel like your rectum is loose and irritated. I’m afraid that I will never be back to normal again but hoping that what I’m left with is manageable. Anyone have any advice for me? Should I wait and see what is at the end of the healing process? Any advice is very much appreciated.

Hi KtF and welcome to the Forum. I'm not sure you will get too much information here about what to expect when you are just a few days into your healing process. You will just have to be patient and take care of yourself and see how things go. Though I wouldn't normally suggest going to a Forum such as HysterSisters, I'll suggest that now, because that's where the women are, who are going through what you're going through. At Whole Woman we are on a mission to get women to keep their uteruses, because so many hysterectomies are unnecessary and harmful and done for all the wrong reasons. I'm not saying that is the case with you; we cannot possibly know.

A prolapsing uterus can certainly put pressure on the rectum, even before you are aware that you have a prolapse. When that uterus is gone, one of the results that you may find over time, is that the remaining organs (bladder and rectum) will prolapse into that empty space. The symptoms this causes may be similar to what you have experienced, or totally different. This isn't a medical forum but it's always possible that someone with similar experiences will see your post and respond. - Surviving

Thank you very much for responding. I appreciate it.