Closing of the forum


I just got the email about the closing of the forum...

I do not post on here much but I was very saddened to hear that it will be closing as I do still come here to read every now and then and I know what a great suport this forum has been to so many people over the years.

When I got here my youngest was about 2 or 3 years old - And is now over 17yrs old.....

I know what a great place this has been over these years and how it connects women in a really dark place in their lives - The support we gain from finding someone to connect with that has been or is going through the same issue is so wondeful and really helped me to gain strength - Avoid surgery - And learn to LIVE with POP and not just let the Doctors give me that 'Little operation' (As he caled it over here - When I already knew that this 'little' Op was not for me).

I think the forum will be very greatly missed by so many people and just want to say Thank You to Christine and Louise and everyone for being there over all these years.

I will really miss being able to pop here and read posts and know that there are other people out there who are also living well with Pop.

I really will miss this forum......


I just got that email too, and popped over
I probably joined around the same time as you did, I remember you and I’m glad to have this opportunity to thank you for being a part of my healing process
I hope you’re doing well

Thank you for this forum and sorry you are closing you have done well and are a great encouragement All best wishes to you all

Is it possible to get help from Whole Woman in the future maybe by skype or phone even though the forum is closing - the other practitioners will be available still?

The practioners are very helpful and that is what we shall do contact them thanks

Christine and all the practitioners are available for phone and Skype consultations. See the Practitioners tab up above. - Surviving

I just read the email about the Forum ending.
I sure am glad this forum was here when I needed it most.
Beyond giving me the initial idea that surgery was the wrong step, it led me to the Whole Woman ways of managing prolapse. Thank goodness!
I also received good suggestion and encouragement when I needed it... thanks to this fearless forum!

I have been a member of this forum since 2009. I think I bought everything that Christine published. It is all a treasure trove of wonderful research and information. Most important it has kept me out of surgery.

I have to get a plug in for Christine's "Save Your Hips." I was one of the ones who contributed to her funding for publication. I am 81, active and still very much in the work force. Recently I started having problems with my right hip and knee. I started doing the exercises on the video "Save Your Hips," and was amazed just how much it helped ease my discomfort and pain. The trick is that I need to be consistent in the exercises at least 20 minutes a day, and of course the posture. I find the video exercises are very helpful in addition for prolapse and most important they are easy to do and follow. For me, I love the "Save Your Hips" Video and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

So sorry to see this forum close. Every once in a while I pop in and out and it saddens me that I will not have that opportunity. Thank you Christine from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

The Forum gave me hope. I am so grateful.
My bladder prolapsed suddenly a year ago. I was shocked and scared and felt I had lost my active life. For two months I was not able to find good technical information nor any support. (My now former gynecologist was not helpful, at all.) Then I found the Forum. And then I found Christine's books and DVDs. And then I found an excellent WW Practitioner.
The Forum has been my go to place, almost daily. I am doing better because of it. Thank heaven so many other aspects of Whole Woman will continue.
Yes, thank you Christine from the bottom of my heart too.

I am also sad that the forum will be removed. Honestly it has been such a treasure trove for me these past years. I come back every few months to dig through it and find info relevant to what I'm searching for. I'm gonna get a bit sappy here but Christine really changed my life. It wasn't just about prolapse and posture, it was a whole mindset shift that I gained from her messages here on the forum. I believe that, like a pebble tossed lightly into a still lake and erupting into endless ripples, the reach of Christine's work in women's lives will have no end.

Thank you Christine and God bless you.

I remember when I came here so many years ago - I went through so many scared - angry - sad - fearful and every emotion there is... times - This forum gave me so much information that even when I felt at my most desperate and scared- The knowledge was inside of me and I knew that I would avoid surgery...

I remember so many people and think of them often - Louises wise words and the 'two doors'
Christines words of utmost wisdom and so many other people (You too Gmom, and yes I am fine thanks)

It is a sad thing that many women in the future might not have the easy access to this great place that has been a haven for us all. We were blessed by being able to just come to a place where we felt looked after and supported, it has been a wonderful thing.

Lanny said that there will still be some sort of a forum - but it will be for customers.
That is a good and a bad thing - As cost may deter people from taking in the message - Who knows.

I am sure that Lanny and Christine are doing their utmost to keep the words out there. I just hope that women will be able to get information and care like we have been gifted. Apparently maintaining a public forum has been a huge chore keeping the spammers out. It aggravates me that some people (spammers) have to ruin things for so many others just because they have to spam evrything and everywhere.

I am sure we will be updated on what it to happen soon.

I didn't get the email so I'm sure there are others that didn't either. Can someone post the details?


Hi Perla,
Many of us found it in our spam folder. You may want to look there for it.

I didn't get the email either - but found it in my spam folder... thanks aging gracefully.
Oh my gosh, I'm so sad to read this. I've only been on this forum for 2 years but it's become a place I check every few days and then anytime I have a concern I pore through old posts and leave with a feeling of peace....
any question pretty much that i've ever had about my symptoms, or what to do, is here in these pages.... i do hope the forum history stays on in some fashion (be it a pay version) but I'd hate to think of all these wonderful conversations being lost...

i will join the voices that say that this page has truly change my life. it has saved my sanity, given me confidence, taken away fear, and helped me become, truly, a "whole" woman. I'm forever grateful to Christine, and all of the women (and men) who have contributed to this site. It's truly such a safe and unique space and I can't stress enough how much its meant to me....

I also like to come here and read old posts - It is like renewing the faith - Comforting the soul...

But I also understand that for Lanny and Christine it must be so stressful with having to deal with spammers.

I am sure that they are going to try to make it as accessible to all women in need as they can, but at the same time protecting W.W. etc...

I feel so grateful that I found this place so many years ago. It was a great gift to have stumbled over the site and the forum, as I bet that without this place I would have given in to the doctors talk of 'little operation' and i am so glad I was given enough information to avoid that road......

I come back here when I feel challenged by life, and by doctors. I am so grateful for this forum and all the courageous women out there. I am 69 and about to undergo surgery for removal of a cystic ovary that is 6.5 centimeters as well as the other ovary and tubes. All the tests and exams for cancer are normal yet three different doctors want to remove my uterus as a cancer preventative, as well as to save me from undergoing anesthesia twice. I am heartened by the stories on this forum and unless the d&c shows cancer cells in my uterus I am determined to keep my uterus. I am curious to see the effect of not having a gigantic ovary pressing on my bladder

WOW I literally just logged back in here for the first time in ? 6+ years at least? and the forum is closing? My heart literally clenched. I learned SO much here. I remember a few of these faces too :) Gmom! And so many others. Why on earth is this golden resource going away? I'm here for personal reasons now, rather than more professional :(

memyselfandi - i recognize your name as one of the voices that helped me from the past :) and granolamom - if she reads this - I have been reading your posts these last 2 years while you were off raising your lovely family (and now that i'm pregnant first time post prolapse) i have especially learned a lot from you and alemama regarding birth and pregnancy post prolapse. you could say you guys have given me the courage to do it when I thought my baby days were over....
aza too is a name i recognize - a midwife if i recall :) as well as badmirror, clavicula, lousieds of course... among many many others.
in fact it took me a good year i think before i realized that Louise isn't an active member! I seriously thought she was posting all the time before i noticed the timestamps :)
even though the posts were old they were alive for me when i needed them. and of course I'm so grateful for the members who do currently post - especially surviving60, aging gracefully and aussie soul sister. they have kept the forum alive by checking in and responding to everyone...

and maja - don't let them take your uterus.... avoiding anesthesia is not a reason to remove an entire organ that is the hub of the wheel of our pelvic organs... again, as Christine wrote in her own story, the mentality of 'while we're in there let's do x,y or z' as if we were a car and not a person.... there is also a lot of information that Christine has provided about the role of the post menopausal uterus - it's still needed.... but more importantly, without it you lose your support for the rest of your organs and introduce a host of other issues.

I have held off commenting here, while waiting to see how the restructuring of WW is going to unfold. I too am devastated by the idea of losing all these many priceless voices from the present and the past.....the entire WW story on these pages. So much has been contributed over the years, and this thread proves just how alive and well all these stories and conversations really are. Women who haven't contributed for years and years, still around in spirit to help newbies get out of the gate with this endeavor and keep them encouraged along the way. I will miss every one of you, and the loss of your stories is difficult to contemplate. I fear that the next generation of newbies will have a steeper path to climb because of this. But I know that changes are being made for a reason so I must trust in that process, whatever it entails, because keeping WW viable and manageable is the most critical thing of all. Love to every one of you..... - Surviving

OMG I have tears in my eyes reading your reply - It is so very true.

I guess our hearts are held within these pages - Our fears, our hopes - So much is held in this small site that it is our past, our present, and like it is a kinda bible of what we all have needed to guide us along the hard road...

I hope and pray that there is going to be some sort of online support forum with the restructuring. Back in 2010 I learned the value of online support forums. That was the year I went into Idiopathic Sudden Cardiac Arrest at home. Were it not for my then 10 year old son and my husband I wouldn't be here. When I got out of the hospital 2 1/2 weeks later I felt alone.....very alone!!! It felt like I was the only one to have survived SCA. Thanks to the internet I found an online forum of other survivors. I can honestly say that my sanity was saved by that forum. By reaching out and supporting others my own healing took place. The same applies here......we're all in this together!!

Just when you find help and support, away it goes! Will so miss the forum. I haven't posted much, but did post my one year success story. Thanks, Christine, and I am hoping you have some new wonderful ideas for us.

I too would like to say thanks for all who made the forum possible.
Is it possible for a copy of the email to be put here because I too have no email and have searched in junk etc with no luck ?
I hope the info we can search through will still be here ,is that the case?

Hi there,

You’re receiving this note because at some point in the past 17 years you registered for the Whole Woman online forum.

We have stayed in close touch with our customers over the years, but because the forum was on another system, I’m afraid we have not stayed in touch with everyone who had registered.

In any case, I hope you are doing well, and I have some important news to share with you.

We are undergoing a major overhaul here at Whole Woman to make it easier for women to get help with

pelvic organ prolapse
urinary incontinence
chronic hip pain
knee pain
post-hysterectomy or
menopausal challenges.

It’s exciting that the Whole Woman work has kept thousands of women out of the operating room now in over sixty countries!

I can’t go into the details of all of the changes yet, but I will be permanently closing the public forum in a couple of weeks. I’ll send out another notice when we get closer to the actual date, but if you would do two things for me in the meantime, I would be most appreciative.

First, I have added the forum email addresses and your forum usernames to our normal mailing list. If you would like to continue hearing from us periodically, please click the button and we’ll send you to one of our web pages to confirm your interest.

If you have no further interest in natural alternatives to drugs and surgery for women’s health conditions, please click the unsubscribe link and we’ll remove you from our list and you won’t hear from us again.

Second, if you have any questions about the conditions I mentioned earlier, now is the time to post them while the forum is still available!

The Whole Woman forum has been a beacon of light in what is usually a dark experience of pelvic health issues that turn up in women’s lives, and it has been a joy and privilege to have helped so many thousands of women who have taken advantage of the support and hope the forum has provided.

I want to offer a sincere thank you! to all the wonderful women who have written in to share their help, knowledge, and experience with the women who came to the forum, often desperate for help.

And to Surviving 60, who has been our moderator for years now and has tirelessly provided support and direction to so many women, a deeply heartfelt thank you! You have been a real partner with Whole Woman in supporting the women of the world who have found and reached out to us. Deep gratitude also to AgingGracefully and AussieSoulSister.

I hope you will stay with us as we update you on the big changes coming, and the unveiling of the new Whole Woman! If not, my very best wishes for a happy, healthy life!

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

Note from Surviving: If you didn't get the original e-mail, then you definitely want to click on the Opt-In link just above, to get yourself on the list.

I can't remember if I ever posted in here, but I've spent endless hours reading through these forums and am so sad to see that they are closing.

During my 3rd pregnancy, 7 years ago I had issues with my prolapsed uterus and found answers here.

Now that our finances have gotten better, i'm hoping to purchase Christines program to work on my retroverted uterus as it seems to be sitting on my colon/rectum.

Thank you for all the information that was provided on these pages.
I was able to find information quickly, when I wasn't able to find it anywhere else.

I am 69 and have an ovary that is 6.5 centimeters. Would removing both ovaries and tubes alter my anatomy or make my cystocele worse?

I don't think any of the members here can answer a question like that. You could bounce it off of Christine if you wanted to schedule a consult. - Surviving

Thanks for responding, Surviving 60. Yes, sorry, of course my anatomy will change. Does anyone know if the balance of the posture will be altered with the removal of one or both ovaries? I would do a consult in a heartbeat but I've been living on the edge for a long time and my situation does not seen to be improving with age.

Thank you, Typicalme! The uterine biopsy did not find any cancer cells and unless the D&C shows cancer cells that the biopsy missed, I certainly intend to keep my uterus. I've been reading H.E.R.S website and rereading Christine's information as well as a ten year study being done in Britain and I'm rethinking the bilateral salpingo oophorectomy as well, (both tubes and ovaries). There is one ovary that is 6.5 centimeters and the other is normal size, I think about 2 centimeters in a postmenopausal woman. The blood test for ovarian cancer (CA125) is normal. Maybe just a unilateral oophorectomy. I will see the doctor again next week.

Dear Surviving 60, Aging Gracefully, Louise, and Christine,
There aren't enough words in the world to express my gratitude and respect -- for you all, and for everyone courageous and resourceful enough to seek out this forum. Sending love.

Hello all fellow forum members,
to all of you, who have reached out to others to support them;
to all the volunteers particularly Surviving and Ageing Gracefully who have kept the forum going;
to Christine and Lanny for their generosity, tenacity and perseverance with making sure that women all over the world could be fully informed, with such vital information;
THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart!
Words are not sufficient for how grateful I feel!
Much love and many blessings to you all,
Aussie Soul Sister

Hi everyone,
A huge thankyou for Christine and Lanny in their perseverance to reopen this much celebrated forum!
Welcome back to all new and previous contributors who made this forum a unique lifeline to people like me who were helped, and encouraged in a wonderful community, where so many have turned around their quality of life over the years!

Welcome back from Surviving! Best of luck to all with the WW work!

Great to be back!

Welcome back everyone! it'll be great to share and swap stories and insights on here again :)