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About Vesalius's mistake, qoute:
"A representative series of illustrations of the human bony pelvis dating from the sixteenth century to the present is used to demonstrate the persistent misrepresentation in the orientation of the pelvis and in the nomenclature. Early erroneous concepts were probably strongly reinforced by publications of the Belgian anatomist Vesalius in the sixteenth century. In mounting the vertebrae on a vertical iron rod, he erased much of the sacral curvature and, as a consequence, the orientation of the rest of the pelvis was distorted. True versions of the pelvis were executed by Leonardo da Vinci before the time of Vesalius but these drawings were apparently among those that were lost for many years. A relatively small number of similarly accurate depictions of the bony pelvis have appeared down through the centuries and some of these are also included. A persistent error in many anatomical textbooks used today presents a modified inferior view of the pelvis as the "front view" and a nearly accurate front view as a "view from above." No definitive conclusion can be reached concerning the reason(s) for the remarkably long persistence of this error. "

Amazing isn't it?

It's on pubmed, should I add a link?

I guess Christine knows this article but didn't find it when I searched the forum.

Yes, Christine has been pounding this point home for, oh, going on 20 years now! I'm sure you have come across it in her videos and blog posts before. - Surviving

Here is the page from the blog where Christine mentions Vesalius, scroll down to second article:

Lots of great info on the blog going years back, and very relevant yet.

This is why I was so excited to find an article at PubMed which supports exactly what I learned here from Christine! I don't think I saw this article mentioned at the bibliography list at the blog. It was published at 1993 by Stromberg MW et al. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put its link here or not..

This is an opportunity for me to thank both of you for your amazing support here, I learned so much from you, I'm going to miss this forum...