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I feel kind of silly asking you this after all these months, but I've just noticed that you've been telling people to keep their shoulders down but not back. I thought my shoulders should be back AND down--otherwise I'd be slumping. Could you clear this up for me? Thanks!


Dear Pam,

This is why we need a video! Yes, the shoulders should be down, not back, and the upper back broad. If we hold the shoulders back, there is then leeway for the lower back to curve more than it should. Plus it puts undue strain on the neck. It seems like kind of a paradox, and takes some getting used to, but work with it and you will see that with a slightly tucked chin, the spine is perfectly stretched and balanced. Also...if you're not sure, balance a heavy object on your head and you will be pulled right into it.


Thanks Christine. This is helpful. I think my typical posture had my shoulders rolled pretty forward so moving them back to some degree made sense. I would love a video! Thanks for your help.


Thank you, Pam, for your SO VERY NEEDED support. This is a tough road and I'd feel so alone if I didn't see your smiling "face" every day. I'm sending you a video!!

Reading this, made me wonder if the video is done, and if so, where can I purchase it....I too have been eagerly awaiting its arrivial...I sometimes think I'm doing pretty well and that I have a good understanding this posture and how it all works....and then, I have days when I think I do not understand any of it at all...So, I really do need the video, really do need very visual instructions....When I first started all this, I thought I would come to New Mexico and have a private lesson....but, I could not have arranged a personal visit, though I wish I I feel like I am struggling along here, after many months....I lose my vigor and energy as it sometimes becomes rather difficult for me to constantly be at work on this posture and total awareness of the whole dang thing....Physically it all seems to ware me out...Some days I think I am doing very well....other days, I just don't know if I can keep this work going.....It certainly has not become 'second nature' to me, I seem to be constantly having to remind my self of the proper postions, pull eveything up, re-adjust my stance, pull up here, push out there, visualize rubber bands stretching from here to there, visualize a baby walk, etc, etc.... and sometimes I am so tired, I just don't even do any of it all....I lay on the couch in the evening and I don't care that I am not in an "L" shape....I give up....Although, the alternatives are lousey too, so I want the video and I want to keep trying....Please Let us know if it is available now? or when? Seeing the video might help return me to feeling some enthusiasm for all this....Thanks so much, Joy

Dear Sandy-Joy,

I'm sorry you're struggling so...we're still working on the video and there remains much to do. As I've said from the beginning, this is not a "quick fix" and must be coupled with an acceptance of a chronic condition, total lifestyle support, committment to learning the cause of our disorder, and passing that awareness on to others.

Sorry you're feeling lousey,


Thanks, honestly your words help, and I needed a in the old movies, my 'hysterics' (hmm, that's appropriate)just needed a slap in the face! "Wake up! Snap out of it, woman!"......

I have admired and enjoyed your honesty and directness and strength to be true to your heart's is a rare and good thing to see...I continue to learn and today I DO Understand all this!!

Thanks, you are right in this also that we do this now, more for the the next generation; our daughters, younger women....and to evoke (provoke?) some kind of revolutionary changes... Joy

Dear Joy,

I so want you to feel better, and I


Wow--thanks for such a generous offer. When I read your note, I felt like I was on Oprah! I didn't know the video was available yet. I can't wait to see it.


It's not quite ready yet, Pam...but you'll be the first to know when it is!:*

Christine, thanks for the kind and generous reply....I'll be fine....just an impetuous little foot stomping caused by a momentary lapse of faith.....

Thanks so much, Joy

a dancer

Just wanted to let you know how much working on my posture has helped me. I have tried it walking slowly on my treadmill and been able to keep everything inside me for 5 minutes or so. I tried to inventory the position of my butt, shoulders and eyebrows as I walked as well as keeping my pelvic floor muscles contracted. I adjusted my posture by slightly bending my legs and making sure my butt was out when I did some overhead presses and immediately notice that the abdominal pressure was redirected forward instead of directly down. Now I feel I have some control over my prolapse problem. Using a bankers box under my feet when I am on the toilet has greatly eased problems with my rectocele. I wish I had know this little trick years ago.

Just a reminder Everyone,

There should be no struggle with this work. There should be no trying-to-hold-everything-in, but rather a constant awareness of lengthening the spine (you know how to do it!) and pushing the organs forward as far as you can. This feels good rather than bad. It is also not tiring once our muscles are all stretched out and strong.

I know I have a world of people disagreeing with me, but I don


Thanks for the 'bowl of jello' discription....I am not sure where I saw that yesterday, but I do love that idea....I need very visual help in seeing how everything works inside....and this really was a 'big' light going on for me... I was and have been doing the posture right, and Yes, Yes, if I am not feeling sad that I cannot completely reverse this condition, then I am very pleased to just keep it as it is! I can live with this, and I will keep up the 'good work'...and seeing in my minds eye that bowl of jello makes perfect sense to me! Thank so much, for all you do for work so hard at this and you give so much, you are selflessly sharing with us, and to top it all off, you have what seems 'hell and high water' territory to forge on through and you do not give up, Bravo! I have learned so much from all this, so much. and I continue to learn all kinds of issues; the explotations of politics and medicine, "women's health"(that's a joke)with all surgery and big money the bottom line etc.... Honestly, your forthright courage, in these times of such complacency, is a gift to us.

In deep appreciation, Joy

Dear Joy,

Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. Yes, a calling is rather about hell and high water, isn

Afternoon . I've been doing the posture about 5-6weeks now. I have the book Prolapse dvd and the vulva dvd. I been reading about joy.and Pam, I assume they are two people. I would like to know how they are doing if possible. I think I got a lot of info and ideas and tricks. That is what I need, I will be honest , but the first part of the book is to technical for me, But the next part is good.there are ladies talking of the jelly bowls , and is there a better video that was talked about in2004? I liked when Christine was talking about putting a heavy object on head and that will help you with posture . I tried a potato a ad hard back book.. I stand shoulders down, belly out, then take a breath in, belly goes out and chest lifts and chin slightly forward? Even when starting out you should not feel tired or tight in back is that correct? Thanks your thoughts. I'm 63 with p bladder. I was wondering if when the time comes for one more DVDs. What would be good, hips , first yoga, or is there any other older visual videos thanks for your time.

I also was wondering about when someone mentioned about when walking with belly out you might feel like a chicken , which sounds good , and feels good to me. As I thought I might be trying to stand to straight and not have as much of curve in lumbar.thoughts.

Hi Standing,
The First Aid For Prolapse is the first DVD, and Christine does demonstrate whole woman posture in it.
Do you have that one?

Remember not to stick out your belly, just relax it. Relaxed belly, chest pulled up, shoulders down, back of neck and head pulled up by the crown with chin slightly tucked.

I haven't heard of the chicken scenario for walking, so not quite sure what you mean. But, walking is the best time to really work on those posture principles.

Christine has a book and DVD specifically about hips that is really insightful and helpful. All the yoga DVDs are just wonderful in my opinion.

Don't force any of the aspects of the posture, just practice them daily. The lumbar curvature will come on its own, forcing it just causes stress and pain.

I have just started the program and find the ballet exercises on the First Aid Video very hard to do as I end up spending all my time on the ballet feet postures and that seems to take away from the actual whole woman posture that is supposed to be the purpose of doing the exercises. I find the dance part really frustrating and feel that the yoga videos are much better suited to me. Do you get the same benefit from the yoga poses as you would from the ballet routines?

Hi Izzy - the ballet exercises in FAFP are extremely effective at strengthening the body to hold Whole Woman posture. If you are finding it difficult to stay in correct posture while doing them, then that is definitely something for you to work on. Follow the general instructions with regard to foot placement, but don't fixate on it. Hold onto something if it helps you better concentrate on your posture (and you will develop better balance over time). You don't need to do every section on the DVD. Christine, her daughter, and her dancer friend are extremely fit, and they make it look much easier than it is! Don't give up on it, but do switch off to the yoga series, for variety, to work different parts of your body in different ways, and just because those DVDs are just so awesome in every way. - Surviving

Yes, please don't give up on those ballet style exercises, because once you finally learn them, you will so appreciate the benefit they give your whole body. I too was frustrated with them at first; I really preferred the yoga too, but I continued the First Aid also, and am so glad that I did! They have such a whole body stretching and strengthening that is just amazing. And, don't forget whole woman posture walking; this is the best time to work on those posture principles!

I also have the uterine prolapse and agree that it does take a little extra effort with this work, but I can tell you that even we can manage our prolapses very successfully too, you just have to put the time and patience into it.

Best wishes to you.

Hi Izzy,
The Whole Woman Journey taught me to take time, listen to my body, & continually practice mindfulness with the posture .

The first thing I noticed was upper thigh strength, which led to using the toilet correctly and instantly many more benefits appeared, like no more back strain, discomfort and pain risk, also the instant ceasing of hip instability, & the start of painful crunching....all the worsening of my pops resolved and were easier to manage, mainly I deal with rectocele.

After spending a long time learning the posture, I learned the exercises VERY slowly at my own pace.
Most of the exercises were very hard for me at first but I learned how to teach my body and I was surprised at how I improved and suddenly found that I could do them, and more of everything else in life with ease.

I now think of the improvements /benefits I will achieve with WW and it now happens - latest is being able to barefoot run WW style on the beach.
I have never enjoyed running & have avoided it....before WW and it was my body telling me how unnatural modern approaches to running are....

I now am learning Scottish Country Dancing which supports WWP and it is done with hip turn out and on toes...I wouldn't have been able to run, or dance, or probably even walk easily, without the grounding in WW...

I wish you all the best,

Aussie Soul Sister

Thanks Soul Sis for the reminder. Hip turnout is an important part of the Whole Woman work, and since we walk with our feet pointing straight ahead, it is the exercises where we primarily work on this aspect. As Christine points out, not the extreme turnout of a ballerina, but with knees always over toes, doing all the turnout from the hips. Exercising in WW posture in ballet positions is the best way to work on this. Doing plies in 2nd position in good posture is a very stable position for the organs, and feels wonderful.

I feel the same way about running, Soul Sis. I've never been a runner, but discovering how good running on toes makes my prolapse feel, is so liberating. This posture work really frees you. - Surviving

Read the Whole Woman book and understand the POP posture. Is the HIP posture actually the same posture or a different one altogether? If different, can they interfere with each other? Seems impossible to keep two different postures actually!

Hi GirlTalk - no, it's not POP posture or HIP posture, it's called Whole Woman posture and it is the basis for everything we do here. It is not a new invention, but rather, a return to natural posture that had been "unlearned" by so many of us over the course of our lives. - Surviving

Great news, and what I was hoping to hear. Been trying to master, and the hard part maintain, the posture. Have occasional hip pain (favoring one side for years), and I read the hip info on WW site, and that is what brought the question to my mind. Thanks for the quick reply.

Where do I get the whole woman book from please

Hi Bewildered - The book is out of print, undergoing an update, though I wouldn't suggest that you wait for that. Whole Woman has a wide variety of streaming video products in the Store, and we will be glad to help you make a selection if you want to tell us more about your needs. As you can see up above, there is a good sale going now, for a couple more days. - Surviving

I was introduced to the WWPosture a number of years ago. Even though, I cannot maintain it as easily as one would hope while walking, I certainly does make me feel better while standing and sitting. Thank you. One question: Are the video streaming lessons the same information that is on the past DVD’s? Bless you for all your work.

The yoga series, vulva vaginal health and elders video are the same as existing DVDs that you may have, but everything else is new and/or updated. You can never have too much information, and now is a great time to add to the collection while a sale is underway.

I'm concerned that you will not be able to benefit from the miracle of WW posture if you cannot learn to use it when walking and moving around. That's when it counts the most. Do you have a physical condition that interferes, or is it just a matter of diligent practice that you haven't yet achieved? It takes time and patience and a lot of concentration (and motivation) to form new habits. Let us know how we can help. - Surviving