Birth chairs


Hi everyone

I couldn't find the previous thread about birth chairs, so I started a new one.

This one was recently featured on the Australian ABC, our national broadcaster. What do you think of this one?

Sorry about the long URL. You can also find it by going to and click on the Find an Invention menu on the lefthand side. It is called the BirthRite, and has some very woman-friendly features. There is also a little video that probably works if you have a better dial up speed than I have, or broadband.



interesting chair. I like it better without the backsupport, but then it looks alot like the birthing stool my mw brought along for my son's birth. the back support would feel a bit confining to me, I think.

also, the stool I used was wood and for some reason I like that better than the plastic. but I have a 'sensory thing' so maybe that's just me.

I have not been able to find this link. I'll keep trying in case it is just down.

Putting hyperlink into the forum has turned out to be a huge project for my web developers - because of the part of the forum we imported from the old software. They promise me they will get to it, but it's going to take time.

got it to work...

The description of the chair sounds good. Did you read "The Red Tent"? It's an historical novel set in the ancient Middle East and revolves a lot around birth and family. The women used two large, flat bricks to stand on while birthing - bricks made and passed down solely for this purpose. In looking at this smashing chair, I did wonder why it all has to be so high tech now. DEFINITELY better than the lithotomy table though!! Thanks for sending the link.