Christine help-- surgery== protecive coughing position?


Unfortunately on my baby's 2 week birthday, my apendix ruptured. I had surgery on Wednesday. My prolapse feels very affected by this latest assault on my body. Coughing feels like my bladder is going to come out. I have little time to search for this, so can you help me figure out a way to position myself when I cough?
Jane poor darling! I can only hope Jessie has been able to continue nursing and that you are not in great pain. Lanny had his appendix removed as a kid and when I asked him about coughing, he said "no position...there's nothing that will ease that agony!" I can only suggest holding a pillow against your belly and bending forward at the hip joints - even in bed - because this will move your uterus and bladder out of the line of fire.

So many healing thoughts being sent your way! Please keep everyone updated, as you are so treasured here!

Love, Christine

fortunately, I had laproscopy (sp). so I am not feeling as bad as I could. coughing is no picnic on the abs esp considering they have not even recovered from pregnancy.

I am very concerned about the rectum and bladder. I do not know how my body will be affected trying to recover from 2 major events in only 2 weeks. I read infalamation in appendix (sp) is caused by stool. I wonder if issues with rectocele which inhibited completely empying during last few weeks of pregnacy to date of rupture could have been a factor.

b/c of the meds I am on, which thank God my hospital tho flawed in many ways has a great lactation dept and they researched the compatibility of all my meds with bf and none were contradicted. the night after surgery jess & I were seperated for 12 hours ( from 1/2 hr b4 surgery till next morn. Chad gave hr formula in abottle & the hospital gave me a pump. Chad would call me when she would wake to eat so I could pump at that time, too. After that night Jess sleep in bed with either me or Chad in the hospital room. Jess had her well visit fri and she,s 10 lbs 8 oz. Pediatrician said obviously this ordeal hasn't Affected our nursing relationship.I feel prous I could still care for my baby, but I sure missed Alyssa, Katie, & Ty. I only got to see tham for 15 min on Thursday.

I will definitely bend at the waist when I cough. The hospital did provide me with a press pillow.

I hope you start feeling better soon. sending healing vibes your way

I appreciate you thoughts

I had one of these after I had lapsroscopic surgery last year - The cushion thing is a great idea - My Dr also gave me some cough medicine that helped called - Codeine 15mg/5ml linctus SF. Whatever all that means but it really did help. It says can cause drowsiness and I am not sure if you can use it while nursing - But your Dr should be able to give you something to help with this cough.

I hope you get well real soon.


Look into the eyes - They hold the key...

sue, some sort of cough suppressant is a good idea. I'm pretty sureit's coming from my throat. the surgery tube made it sore and scraped the scrapped the roof of my mouth. mucus from my nose seems to be pooling there & creating a tickle.

here's maybe a dumb question: I am more sore today where the appendix was than ver. I wonder if that's normal. I am so paranoid now. I do not want anymore infections or trips to the hospital.


my surgery was well before prolapse though,the pain was so bad, much worse than the appendix pain, i had an incision that ended up still open when i went back to have stitches out, it caused a keyloid scar, which looks like a worm on my skin, i had not used a pillow to support myself while coughing, so i thought that was to blame? anyway thats just me, take good care of yourself, and make sure you are made a big fuss of, you deserve it after all you went through, ill be thinking of you
rhonda xoxo

Those breathing tubes really can make things feel strange. Many years ago my ex-boyfriend had his wisdom teeth out under anaesthetic and the breathing tube gave him hiccups for 24 hours! I remember having a dry throat which felt like there was still something in it. It sounds like the mucus is what is irritating your throat and making you cough. You might find a cough medicine helpful and drink hot drinks. I actually drink lemon and honey when I have an irritated throat and cough. Just mix fresh lemon juice with hot water and add honey to sweeten.

I am not surprised you feel a bit paranoid at the moment. Not only are you dealing with a newborn and all the changes in hormones that go along with that you have had major surgery.

Put your feet up, try and relax and take it easy. It was lap type surgery but it was still major as an organ has been removed so give your body time to heal. They told me when I had my gallbladder out laprascopically that although I would only have minor incisions on the outside I was having major surgery on the inside to don't overdue it.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Also i sucked Soothers (Like a swet including cough medicine in it) all the time - In about three or four days it was far less. When I coughed i held my cushion (my new best friend) to me like i was in love with it!

As you say - Its from that tube they ram down your throat.

Cold drinks soothe a bit too - to cool it.

He also bought me some Tyrozets for sore throats (Not sure if they have them in USA tho) They helped a little bit - I woulda tried anything to get rid of it as the surgery and the cough hurt like HELL.


Look into the eyes - They hold the key...

Anita thanks for the perspective of major surgery inside. my pain makes sense. I have a bucket of sucker the kids got at halloween. I used one of them earlier & it suppressed the cough. my antibiotics say to avoid alcohol containing products so i'll have to be careful trying cough syrup.
sue, made a pitcher of of iced tea & thraot felt good. Jane

return to hospital bc of abscess
I cannnot believe it 2 weeks after appendix surgery, I had to return to have another drain put in & more antibiotics. 4 more days of my precious time with my now 4 week old gone. have drain in for at least 1 more week. just wanted to update. with all this going on thankfully prolapse is not acting up.

your still having trouble.
Good luck to you ! Hang in there.

It is so frustrating when things like this happen that are out of our control. I had dreadful gallbladder problems when my daughter was born and I lost so much time with her and then had surgery when she was only 11 weeks old robbed me or more time. Hang in there and I hope your body starts to heal and this is the end of it all.


Hi Jane

Sad to hear that you are having all this trouble. It is so hard to see your way past these things to better days ahead. Things will get better I am sure.

Thankyou for sharing these experiences with us. It must have been like living a nightmare. It's funny (peculiar) the way we expect that life will just continue to be good, then suddenly we get swiped by a series of bad events that bring us down to earth with a thud. Life is full of surprises, and people who manage to dodge the bad bits are indeed fortunate.

Take care and enjoy that little daughter of yours. Hope all is going well with her. Think of it as sharing her with others.



I'm so sorry your babymoon's being taken up with all this 'extreme reality'.
I hope you heal soon so you can get back to the business of napping with a babe at your boob.