#4 on the way


We expect a baby anytime from mid march to early april. Right now I would swear we are having twins I am so huge- but I am guessing it is just the way #4 goes. I am about 12 weeks right now and wanted to wait until 14 weeks to announce it to my family and friends- but the pregnancy is so physically obvious that I had to go ahead and spill the beans around 11 weeks or so. We are so happy to be having another baby. And we all hope for a girl-
I have all the normal pregnancy symptoms- mood swings, exhaustion, nausea- but all pretty mild. It is a challenge to parent my 3 kiddos- especially the almost 2 year old who wants to nurse all the time- I can't seem to satisfy my hunger- and all the kids are watching WAY more t.v. than ever before - I am just praying that in a few weeks my energy will return and I will want to get up at 7 a.m. and start my day, until then I am loving curious george and PBS. The toddler still naps which is great- and the older two will give me an hour or so to just rest when I get him down- but I am beat by 4 o'clock.
Now since prolapse I have given up my ridiculously high standards for a clean house and home cooked meals- but I have reached a whole new low- leaving dishes in the sink for days until I get the energy to go at them- and ordering pizza for dinner so I won't have to cook. Honestly it is like I can pick one thing- either do the dishes and cook dinner or play with kids in the yard and read stories and go the museum or the library- forget the grocery store- total energy drain but I can not do it all- and most the time I want to hang out with my kids more than I want clean dishes.
I have always exercised (kinda an addiction) but right now it is just so hot and the idea of pushing a stroller in this Florida humidity is enough to put me on the couch. So I am trying to do things here and there inside- which I know add up but sure don't equal the release of a steady hour of exercise.

Of course my pelvis feels heavy and congested, almost like right before a period- but my cervix is still high and my front wall is softening (bummer) but is still holding back the organs- I hope that it will hold until my uterus pops out over my pubic bones in a month or two.
My rectocele is fussy- for the first time in a year I can feel it at the end of the day- it really gets me worried but I have faith that I will be able to resolve it after the baby is here- I am sure the pizza and other restaurant eating does not help. But in the end I truly think it is the weight pressing there in my pelvis combined with my inability to fire-breathe or nauli breath that is contributing to the bulge.

I teach a creative movement class to 3-8 year olds once a week and I have started wearing a tampon during that time- as well as anytime I know I am going to be on my feet for more than a few hours. It helps during the time I have it in- but when it comes out the symptoms are just the same.

I guess for all you guys out there thinking of pregnancy with prolapse- this is my account of the first 12 weeks or so (by the way the early days - first month or so- were great- rectocele stayed gone)- Looking it over it doesn't sound so encouraging- but really I think in all it is pretty good- my cervix is high - my bladder is stable- no leaking when I sneeze or anything- and my only symptom the draggy feeling at the end of the day and the noticeable increase in the size of my rectocele bulge if I go looking. I think it could be much worse and I would still be willing to go through with it.

I am determined not to gain much weight (I usually gain 25 or so) but my body seems to have other ideas about that - especially with the limited exercise and crappy eating.
I just hope all that will slow down soon-

sorry you're feeling so fatigued, I'm sure the heat isn't helping any. hopefully, with the weather changing and getting past the first trimester, your energy will return somewhat.

I also found myself resorting to the pizza-diet in the beginning and I'm sure that's what aggravated my rectocele. good news is that after the m/s passed I was back to eating normally and recto went back to baseline.

I'd say not to worry too much about the weight thing. I always am determined not to gain too much (I watch what I eat and exercise throughout the pg's) but always gain between 45-55 anyway. it comes off afterwards. just do what your body seems to need and I'm sure you'll be fine.

enjoy your pg, it goes so fast. and I'm thinking pink for you!

Congratulations Alemama!

My fourth was just like yours. I was way big very fast. I thought Anne was twins, and she ended up being my smallest baby at 7.5 pounds.

I think I lived on Dr. Pepper because I couldn't keep anything else down. I drank one DP and nursed it through the day. I gained 20 pounds max.

Have you tried the sports tampons? They seem to be able to be left in longer.


Hi Alemama,

Congratulations…what a joyful household! Hoping your energy returns soon. I remember the yuckies so well…can’t imagine why they call it ‘morning sickness’, btw! With both my pregnancies I was nauseated all day everyday for three months…then it magically disappeared.

Lots of love and hope for a comfortable pregnancy and blessed birth!


so exciting alemama! huge congrats!!!

you are amazing for even contemplating all those different things, so do be kind to yourself and recognise what you are doing! I think parenting whilst pregnant is exhausting, nursing can be tiring, nursing and being pregnant and parenting and doing anything else--wow!!! curious george is fab--enjoy ;-)

re getting big--with number 2 i got huge quickly and put on a ton of weight at the beginning. i thought i'd gain a ton throughout (gained around 25 first preg), but then it slowed way down--and in the end, i only gained about 20lb despite eating tons. so you never know what the body will do.

i'm sure everything will get lighter soon...keep us posted!


Hi Kiki

Couldn't help commenting on your thoughts on nursing. In 1987, I had a newborn at the breast, a hyperactive toddler and a son starting school. I remember packing the pram and walking DS1 to school many mornings with DD in tow and DS2 in pram, DS1 proudly out front with his little rucksack. We would all go into the classroom first thing and a couple of Mums would help by listening to each of the children read out loud the reading book they had taken home the previous night. DD would be up the back rummaging around in the construction kits and puzzles, DS2 would inevitably be at the breast and chaos would prevail. This was the worst it got (well, sort of).

Nursing was for me the one soothing, relaxing thing in my day, (except for reading with kids) the one time I could guiltlessly find the comfy chair or lie on the big bed and indulge in my motherly pleasure until DS2 was either asleep or happy once again. *Anything* else could wait, and often did. My house was not the tidiest or cleanest, and still isn't. Many times I have thought that my children would have ended up in hospital with gastro as a result of my slack cleaning habits, had I not breastfed them until they were ready to move on. I could never work out why my babies were just about the only ones in our community who were never hospitalised for something during their first couple of years. I could never work out how those Mums who fed their babies artificially could get their heads around the bottle cleaning and formula preparation routines, for years and years.

Without those many sitdown breaks during the day, especially when I was nursing DD and pregnant with DS2, pregnancy would have been much more tiring. I would do it all the same way again, in a flash.



Your fourth, how grand, Alemama! -Children are so precious - Congratulations and best wishes! ((H♥GS))
It sounds like you're faring well, considering energy stores low and young kiddos on the go - Kudos for knowing what can wait and who can't.


good point louise,
it's true, we are all different. I am a huge advocate of nursing, no question. nursed ds1 till he self weaned and hope i will with no. 2! so no question there...but i know that it does seem to drain at my body when they nurse a lot (though the relaxing lying down nursing is fab...but too rare for me!). i agree it keeps them healthy and is a blessing. how we'd have done measles with the little one w/o nursing i have no idea! wouldn't drink at all so thank goodness for nana!

but, maybe it's that for me, i don't get good long sitdowns...mine never nursed for more than a few moments. even as babies, 10 minutes was a really long feed for them...and with this little one, it's now 30 seconds and we are off again as chill time is not in his vocab!!!!

as you say, we and they are all sooooo different...



As you said Kiki, having a family of little children and a household and a husband/partner to run is pretty full on. No wonder you are feeling a bit drained. Yes, I remember that deep tiredness too. I did always have to have one ear open for a disaster trying to happen, and you have to be eternally vigilant about kitchen safety, keeping the sharp things out of reach, reducing water risks, preventing kids killing each other, even if it is with kindness, etc, etc.

I wonder if prolactin is part of that tiredness? It is the hormone that makes us want to nurture, the mothering hormone, and no doubt being in one place, preferably feeling half-asleep, is a pre-requisite for ensuring that those babies that need long feeds actually get the time at the breast. Ever watched a bitch with a litter of pups? Mmmm, I have had babies of both sorts, the constant grazers and the thirty second pirhanas. Never managed to score one that slept 14 hours in 24 and fed 4 hourly though. I have been told that they exist. I don't think they get breastmilk for very long, cos it dries up. My pirhana newborn eventually learned to fall asleep at the breast by about eight months of age. I could not believe it. I was so relieved. It was a very special aspect of nursing, being able to put a baby to sleep at the breast, my secret weapon. People said I was lazy and my kids would grow up undisciplined. "Yes," I said, "I am very lazy, and why not?"

They didn't suck their thumbs. We didn't have to throw pacifiers off the end of the jetty at age 5. They didn't even have security blankets. They haven't grown up to be serial axe murderers or terrorists, or even serial jaywalkers. I think I did OK, and I am sure you will too. :-)

Just had another one of my thoughts. Are you eating OK? Are you getting enough sleep? We mothers will just run ourselves ragged, given half a chance. A good vitamin/mineral supplement might be the go for a while. Iron, perhaps? It is probably just where you're at that is causing your drained feeling, but it might be worth thinking about other causes too. No point in making it harder than it needs to be.

love from Louise

mine are like that too
a 10 min bf session is a long time. and sit? ha, that's funny. since ds is about 7 mo old he's into nursing gymnastics. you've seen that one, when the nursing child swings his legs up on your shoulder and dangles upside down while fondling the other side. and then whips his head around to see who's playing in the other room (hey kiddo, they don't stretch that far! at least they didn't before....)

and while I love nursing (nursed my 4 yo until he was 3), it drains me too. I eat very well, take my supplements and all, but I'm not a 'heave-ho' kinda woman. I've got a low blood pressure, low blood sugar levels, low energy levels on a good day. the nursing baby takes all the good stuff and leaves me with just enough to keep going. If I'm careful (which I am) I can avoid getting sick, but it does impact my energy reserves. probably if I was sleeping more I'd fare a bit better, but really I'm getting around 6-7 hrs most nights and that's pretty good.

I am so happy for you and me too! " A Daughter's Child", was Christine's post. That touched the heart and very soul of me! Best wishes for your #4 and my dear daughter's #1.

Warmest regards,

Sending thoughts for upward energy up the spine, through the free neck with head moving forward and up! (That's Alexander Technique-speak). Have you tried doing any gentle ballet workout? Don't know, but I'm curious whether that would help on a daily basis since you can't do your other things you normally do. I suspect it may have some effect during pg, even some plies. I'd love to hear your feedback if you do it. I'm talking about the one from the latest edition of STWW. That's one thing I'd concentrate on if i were pg to keep everything lifted up. So happy for you.


I have done them- but not in any disciplined way. When I am feeling pressure I will just do some plies right there- When I walk I make sure to do the big arm movements-
Holding the upper body posture is much more challenging these days and I have to constantly remind myself. It seems like I just want to slouch on the couch all day. So I gave up and I just lie down on the floor-
I have done the work out from the book but now the whole thing in one stretch- I just only have so much energy. Today I am going to teach my class and then I am going to make dinner for 3 families- calzones- I figure it is going to take me 4-5 hours on my feet- then my husband will get home and I will crash.
But during cooking I will be doing the plies and staying very focused on my neck and shoulders and chest posture.

Thanks for the thoughts- I am going to make an effort to do more of the work out- and see if it helps.

congratulations on your pregnancy, reading through the posts (i think it is you ?) who stabilised your prolapses sufficiently before getting pregnant? Any tips for a newbie? i am managing to maintain the posture, but it is all very new still. i have UP and i wonder if a slight cystoele? i would just like to be able to pull everything up a little before my next pregnancy. Your posts are encouraging. i'm still awaiting delivery of the book! UK bookstores don't seem to have it available as readily! but i would be interested to hear what has worked for you?