14wks pp and seeing improvments already!


i have a cystocele and rectocele and for the last few weeks i have seen a lot of improvements....i hardly notice that heavy feeling and since i changed my diet the rectocele barely bothers me either. Before i could see my cystocele bulging through but now i can barely see it. I know it may get worse again but i just wanted to share with everyone that i have seen improvements....i have been trying to rest as much as possible and i have been using the whole woman posture.:)
I ordered the book online over a month ago from a local bookstore and they just sent me an email a week ago saying it was cancelled because they no longer had the book anymore:( i cant believe i waited that long and then didnt get it...sooo im reordering it again i hope i can get it soon and really make some changes!

That's wonderful. You've given me hope! I'm just over 36 weeks pregnant and developed a cystocele during the pregnancy. Even walking is difficult right now, and I just want the pregnancy to be over. I plan on taking it easy after the baby is born, but I've been worried about worsening. Thanks for the inspiration and keep us posted on your progress!

thank you for your post -- i'm so glad for you, and it also gives me hope, as at 3 weeks pp, i feel like everything's getting worse for me, instead of better.

im glad my post has made someone feel better...i know how distraut i was right after having my second son and finding all this out. I posted here for the first time at 7 wks pp and things had gotten really bad and even worse after that....but i would have to say for the last 7 wks i have deffinately had more good days then bad days and barely notice it most of the time. Good luck to both of you with recovery and a new baby!

Ditto here too. I am 9 weeks pp and never thought I could go a whole day without checking "the bulge". Now I hardly feel it anymore and rarely check it. Any who is newly pp, hang in there things can improve greatly. I still have my "hangy" days, but they don't get me down anymore, even when I am on my feet all day. I am MILES from where I was just a month ago.

this is such great news. thanks for sharing. always great to hear of the good changes ;-)

and honeydew, hang in there. i got much worse for the first few weeks, then my cyst got a bit better and my rect worse. it didn't settle down till perhaps 2 - 3 months pp. then i started improving, but didn't make the biggest leaps till after six months. and now, at just 2 years, i've had another leap over the last few weeks and feel even better...
so hang in there!!!