"Saggy" feeling after period?


Hello lovely ladies!

I have been doing really well lately, but after my period last week I have been feeling a bit "saggy," which I hadn't felt in quite awhile. I have had 2 periods and I might have felt this way after the other one but I just don't remember. Many women have posted feeling worse before and during their cycle, but does anyone else get this AFTER a period?

I'm just curious because I'd been feeling so good and I want to know this droopy feeling will be over soon! Thoughts?

Sometimes this droopy feeling comes and it is not easy to figure out why. I noticed that especially in the first 2 weeks in my cycle I am more active b/c I feel wonderful POP-wise, so I tend to overdo things. This can cause 1 or 2 "droopy days" and then everything goes back to normal.
For me, I still have this droopy feeling on days I have to sit a lot, even in WW posture.

Yeah, not easy, but don't worry. You'll figure out your limits, just give yourself a few more months. Oh, and this feeling is a good reminder. Go, and have more rest with a great book or evening movie, and next morning you'll feel fine again!

Thanks for the reply, Liv! Maybe it is from sitting a long time...I had never thought about that! I was also wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans all weekend (which are, sadly, still a bit snug around the waist), so that probably didn't help anything. I have been feeling fine the past few days, so I'm not as concerned.

Hi Mzimm

I think you just learned the lesson that all of us has to learn at some point after having a baby. The place for pre-pregnant jeans is at the bottom of the skinny clothes box that every women has hiding at the back of the wardrobe. You bring them out every couple of years when you are looking for something different to wear. Sometimes you get back into them, and sometimes they just become 'clothes that don't fit me' and you can ditch them to the op shop where some other poor soul will be seduced by her ability to squeeze into them. Ever wondered why there are so many pairs of jeans in smaller sizes at the Op Shop???? Well, now you know!

POP can be a significant dampener of our wellbeing. One of the ways we can keep its symptoms at bay is to respect its clothing criteria. Our POPs need the freedom to sit on the relaxed, diagonal, front abdominal wall, and not have the abdominal wall confined in tight pants, where is is contrained from moving in and out as it needs to, in order to resolve intraabdominal pressure of everyday movement.

It is frustrating, I know. I can remember the triumphant, endorphin-crammed feeling of being able to get back into jeans after losing weight, but I can also remember feeling 'not quite comfortable', and ultimately the relief of deciding to never wear tight trousers or skirts ever again. It has freed me from feeling that the world, and the likes of Levi Strauss, decides what I wear. I am now free to feel comfortable all the time, in really stretchy fabrics and cuts of skirts and trousers. Yoga pants, wide trousers with generous cut around the hips, wrap around skirts, slim skirts made from stretch ribbing fabric, sarongs, waistless, generously cut dresses and long, stretchy tops are my garments of choice. You don't have to dress like a tent. There is plenty of style to choose from. It feels wonderful.