14 months pp - update


I owe this update to Christine and all the wonderful women here who offered me so much support when I joined this website nearly a year ago.

I am 14 months postpartum now and things are absolutely great! My cystocele is basically GONE, my cervix is much higher that it used to be (it is hard to reach around ovulation and just a tiny bit lower on all the other days) and my rectocele bulge is TINY and not causing me any trouble at all. I am virtually symptom-free. I still find it hard to believe how much my POP improved over the last year. Actually, I don't feel any POP any more, I feel like I'm 99% back to normal, and the remaining 1% is a small bit of my back vaginal wall visible when I take a mirror. I would laugh at the face of that doctor who told me 2 months pp that surgery would be necessary in my case. I even consider visiting him just to do it:)

What is more, I can no longer complain about my 'stretched vagina', as I called on the forum a few months ago. It improved a lot, it really 'shrank'! Ladies, miracles really happen!

I hope that this short update will help all the newbies here think positively. I really regret time I wasted on thinking about how POP will affect my life. I cried too much. I should have enjoyed my beautiful boy more, instead of doing that. Anyway, no more regrets.

My best regards,


Thank you so much for the update.

That is great news Karolina!

A lot of it is just normal reversion, but I believe that we have to give it a helping hand by looking after our bodies and using them the best way we can to enable them to do the healing they need to do after birthing. Aren't we lucky to have all this information that Christine has brought us, and a POP family in cyberspace?

Yes, I would love to have the chance to laugh joyfully in the face of my gyno but I haven't seen him since the day he told me he wanted my uterus out so he could hang my bladder on the stumps of the ligaments that were left. That's the way it is going to stay if I have my way. I have all my annual checks at a Well Women's clinic run by our local hospital. The further he stays from my pleasure gear, the better!!

Isn't it strange the way there are so many women with postpartum POP who arrive at the Forums a few weeks pp and feel like their bodies are ruined forever? Then we tell them that it is OK, that they will be much better in a year, and we give them tools they didn't have before, and they don't really believe us? Then 12 months later their body is much better. I think when you have a new baby you really unconsciously turn in on your immediate environment, and the present becomes everything. What will happen in 12 months time is irrelevant. It would be much more sensible to just believe what women say, and save ourselves the grief. But we are not like that. I guess we will be reassuring each other forever.



Thank you so very much for posting!! I am so happy for you!!

oh that is such wonderful news. Thank you for sharing. it's so great to hear, and such a wonderful inspiration for other newbies who find themselves here.
Please keep sharing!

So great to hear! I am so happy for you and thanks for sharing. :)

So happy for you! Thanks for your encouraging update. Please, don't disappear, stay on the boards!

I promise I won't disappear Liv:)