WW postpartum model


Okay mummies...check out this adorable piece on Kourtney Kardashian. What’s so priceless about it, beyond her perfect posture and body shape for a newly postpartum mum, is her indignation that they lobbed off her mummytummy! See how her newborn fits so well atop her upper belly? The photoshopped version is prolapse-in-the-making! She gets the WW posture award for the week! :)

Love things like this for visual reinforcement!!! Thanks!

I don't even know who she was, but adorable! Good for her!

and she is so much cuter in the real photo! 7 days post partum- she is still bleeding like mad and her uterus is still returning to pre-pregnant position. and yet she is posing for a magazine- don't get near me with a camera at 7 days out- I am too tired and crabby and hormonal!