need all the advice i can get about pregnancy after pop


hi all, (if i am going to get the lingo right...what does pop stand for?)

happy mother's day! just found out i am pregnant with my fourth. i am 40 and was just diagnosed with "mild to moderate cystocele" a week ago. we were trying to get pregnant so i guess it was meant to be because after i was diagnosed i started to have second thoughts....wondering "will the pregnancy AND delivery only make my condition worse?" that being said, without trying to freak out about the prolapse side....we are ecstatic :)

so i need all the advice i can get about having a baby after prolapse. for starters, is it advised to continue with christine's dvd? do some of the excercises need to be modified or eliminated? (do i need to ask christine personally and how does one do that?)

and then what about prenatal care? should i seek out a water birth considered to be the gentlest way to deliver? is it possible to deliver naturally? (i have in all my other pregnancies) i spose i have two things working against me....1. my age and 2. my labor always seems to stall at 4 centimeters which causes me to get pitocin and an epidural.

i know i may be getting ahead of myself as i am only 6 weeks pregnant...but any advice and encouragement would definitely give me some peace of mind.

excited and worried at the same time -lalita

POP= pelvic organ prolapse

Oh how exciting and scary at the same time!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!! What an awesome suprise. I am sure someone on here will be able to answer your questions better than me. I just wanted to tell you congrats and try not to stress. Easier said than done, I know. I was in your exact situation 9mos ago. The very same day of the diagnosis we decided to not try for the 3rd child we wanted. 2 days later, boom, positive pregnancy test. I cried for a bit with all the what if's, etc. BUT....the pregnancy has not been that bad. This actually has been a better pregnancy for the most part than my other 2. I am preparing to have an all natural delivery, but will see how it goes. MY DUE DATE IS TODAY......however I think the lil one is quite comfy! She's been hanging around in postition for 3 wks, that feels quite nice on my pelvic bones.....hard for me to walk. I have been dialated 3 cm for 2 wks, cervix soft, have contractions for a few hrs then they fizzle out, yada yada. They have set me up for an induction on Wed....still pray to go on my own, but I really feel I need to go ahead with one. I feel I may be paying a pretty heavy price carrying her the way I am right now. Anyway......Good luck to you, can't wait to hear your story during your pregnancy......keep us posted and I am sure someone will come along to answer your questions soon! I still feel too new to it all to advise anyone ;)

Huge congratulations, lalita! There is heaps of information on these forums on pregnancy an prolapse. Read all posts by granolamom in particular. I would also strongly recommend getting in touch with local midwives and/or birthing centers and talking with as many people as possible - now - about your birth options. As a midwife, I don't consider the two things you mention to be even remotely troubling. Good luck!

hi Rosebud,
quick question. if your due date is now, why are they scheduling an induction for 40.5 weeks? anything up to 42 or even 43 weeks is completely normal. curious to know why.
in teh mean time, accupuncture and reflexology and can really great to get labour started, so might try that. lots of friends (and me!) found a nice glass of wine before bed does the trick too. yes, i know, no alcohol in pregnancy but figured one glass in 9 months wasn't going to hurt...

anyway, curious to hear more...thanks


that is eerie how finding out you were pregnant mirrors me finding out! what kind of exercise did you do during pregnancy and what type of prolapse do you have? good luck with your will do great :) -lalita


thanks so much for responding....very encouraging. how long have you been a midwife? -lalita

welcome and congrats on the pg!! babies are so fabulous : )
I'll try to answer some of your questions (have only skimmed the responses, so sorry if I'm redundant)
pop = pelvic organ prolapse
pg/labor/delivery didn't leave my prolapses any worse. Initially (like up to 3 mo pp) it was worse than before pg, but I'm already back to my prepg baseline (my baby is 6 mo)
I'd continue with the dvd as long as you're comfortable aside from firebreathing and no nauli either.
I don't think age should make any difference, as long as you're taking care of yourself.
don't know much about stalled labor, my third and fourth labors were very long but I had no internal exams until ready to push with the third and none at all with the fourth, so I have no idea if they 'stalled' at any point. what do you think would've happened had they not pushed the pitocin? mine were homebirths so I had the luxury of not being on the clock and being at home and able to just do my thing. I'd say seeking out a midwife is a fantastic idea and waterbirths are supposed to be gentle (look for alemama's birth story)
my cystocele was initially worse than a mild/moderate and two subsequent births have left me no worse for the wear (I did take really good care of myself though). so dont' let it worry you too much.

I've been attending out of hospital births for 10 years, lalita. Feel free to message me if you have any questions I might be able to help with!

I bet you had prolapse your last pregnancy and just didn't know it, what do you think? Can you remember any heaviness?
I have had a baby since I've had prolapse. He's a little over a year now and I feel good. Yes do the exercises but probably not the abdominal vacuums. Get lots of rest.
Four children is amazing, you are going to love it.
During the birth of my 4th I checked my prolapse and it was there- but it did not get in the way at all.
I hope you are able to have a homebirth. No time clocks, no checking of dilation, just laid back restful labor and gentle birth.
You can walk around for weeks 4 cm dilated!
I am so excited for you!
Waterbirth is wonderful. Happy researching to you....if you need any book recs let me know.


thanks A TON for responding. so reassuring hearing your experience and that you have 4 children. congrats on your new baby! you know, you have a good point with all the "checking" they do on you when you are in the hospital. it totally screws with the "zen mode" you are trying to create. anyway, thanks for finding time to write even in your busy schedule. -lalita

what a wonderful path you are on being a midwife! just think of all of the lives you have touched and brought into this world! thanks so much for the offer of advice. i will definitely take you up on it :) -lalita

so great to hear of women who have given birth 4 times! i am going to check into home births this week and there is a birthing center in my area that is fairly new. i did go with the midwives through my hospital the first birth...but it was still in a hospital setting. alemama i would LOVE book recommendations if you don't mind? thank you! -lalita

p.s. when you say "not the abdominal vacuums" are you talking about the advanced workout.... mainly firebreathing/naulie? is the beginning workout o.k. to not edit anything?

Hi Kiki,

Well, I actually asked her to schedule me. I know, I know, not what I had planned, but I am in so much pain & walking, taking care of the girls, house etc is getting to be too much. I have a lot on my plate right now & I am just plum wore out. Not that any of this means anything, because I know labor can take it's sweet time, but the baby has been in postion for a month (Dr is only getting hb about 2-3 inches below my navel, plus her head is right there during exam, not to mention I can FEEL it), I have been dialated 3 cm and cervix ready for 3 wks or more. Passed my MP 2 wks ago too. I am not having hardly any contractions to speak of except for 2 nights, over a week ago, I had some for about 2-3 hrs each night 5mins apart, not very strong, then they just faded away. Nothing to speak of since. I am still hoping to go on my own, but my POP has felt horrible these last few wks & I am actually thinking the way I am carrying her is making it worse than an induction would at this point. I was torn on this decision but feel that I am making best one for me.

I actually did not do any exercise. I have horrible all day sickness with my pregnancies. So the first 16 or so wks I spent on the couch or vomiting in the bathroom. So LOVELY...LOL. After that I just tried to take it easy. I read Christine's book & watched the DVD, but have not actually done it yet. I am going to start up 6 wks PP. I read several other books too in the mean time. Mostly on natural labor and delivery. I wanted to prepare myself since I had never had an all natural labor. There aren't any midwives, doulas or birth centers close to me so I have been on my own. Hopefully I go on my own, but doesn't seem to be going that way. Which I know tech it could if I could just hold out a little longer. I will let ya know how it goes. Can't wait to hear more from you during your pregnancy!!

hey rosebud,

i feel for you! my sister-in-law had to be induced with both of her pregnancies as did my sister....those babies just NEVER wanted to come out. you know what is best for you :) hang in there! by the young is your youngest child? wishing you the gentlest of labors.

oh it sounds like you've had enough! that is such a hard place to be, i know. and hard when you have little ones. can someone help you out?
sounds like your body is on the brink, and it won't be long. you are at 40 weeks, at worst you have another 2 which feels like an eternity but is nothing (knowing most places won't let you go to 43 weeks w/o a fight...). i just know that if you body is ready, induction works fine. if not, you are much more likely to have a very managed labour or c-section, which is what always worries me when i hear it. maybe just giving your body an extra few days might be enough, especially if you can get a bit of help in the mean time.
In the mean time, pressure point between your thumb and first finger is a good one, as is nipple twiddling (a lot). try to relax--no one goes into labour stressed out.
and we'll all send you vibes that it starts asap! good luck!

Lalita- Just realized I didn't answer about my diagnosis either. I was diagnosed with cystocele, rectocele, & prolapsed uterus. I think I remember she said it was a grade 2.....???? But somehow the grade seems just not so important anymore. I figure I was only 3 mos PP when I found it and everyone on here says that the 3 mo PP period is worst. I am anxious & excited to see how my body will heal with time. I was all ready to have surgery 3 mos after this baby was here till I stubbled across this site. WHAT AN EYE OPENER!! I thought surgery was my ONLY option. My oldest daughter turned 3 in Jan & my 2nd just turned 1 in March. So there will only be 13 and half mos between youngest and the newest addition. Thank you for the well wishes!!

I originally, back about 2 mos or so ago, thought no matter how horrible I felt I was not going to BEG to be induced. LOL.....guess things change ;)

My hubby works & has been helping me whenever and however he can. However, we have had a lot of other stuff going on too, preventing him from helping me as much. We moved into a new house in Jan, he had to get 3 rooms from our old remodeled, got it listed on the market, he does a lot of grocery shopping now (well the last month, all of it), got a dumpster and filled it with all the stuff left here at our new house (bought my parents place & they left a ton, they downsized), been working on bringing our garage & basement stuff over and getting settled. We have yet to hang on picture or put up anything of our own. Will be nice to be able to get to it and make this OUR place. Now the grass has he has 2 yards to keep up with & this one here is no lil yard....anyway, he's got his plate full, but bless his heart, he does not complain. He'll even start supper if he sees I am having a bad day....which is almost everyday now. Also, my Mom is here everyday except Friday & Monday, those are my Dad's day's off. She keeps up with laundry, dishes, dusting, etc...wherever I need her. She plays with the girls too. I just don't have it in me though to just sit around and I try to do some stuff with her. Luckily the house sold after the first week on the market. We have all inspections done, only failing the Radon test, kinda scary....?? So we have to get someone in to fix that. Once that is done we can close. We are supposed to close by May 31st, but will prob be sooner. I can't wait to have it all said & done so we can breathe a little easier and take a day just for us!!!

PS....I will give the pressure point a try.....been trying nipple stimulation to no avail, fun while trying ;).....and we've even been sexually active still hoping to get a go that way.....maybe I'll even try the wine tonight or tomorrow! At this point, nothing could hurt....

hi lalita
I actually have five kids, but the fifth was a quickie-labor. an hour in, the mw checked me and I was not fully effaced, one cm. a couple of hours later (2, if I remember correctly) I was holding my baby. so much for numbers, eh?
and alemama's right, 4 kids is fabulous.
5's even better : )

You know what, Rosebud? I think you are so busy that you don't have the time or energy for birthing right now. The baby will come when you slow down enough to be ready, and welcome the labour free of the worries of all the things you and DH and your Mom still have to do.

I have seen this with our sheep. They sit around like big footballs, barely able to stand up from lying down. They wait and wait for days, until a dark, windy, rainy, cold night, then they start. They know that on these inhospitable nights foxes like to stay indoors. Even though it is blowing a buster they can always find a sheltered nook to give birth in comfort, and feel much safer than braving it on a moonlit, still night when all the predators are out.

Perhaps as a family you could just calm it, and stop all the doing, and just slow yourselves in preparation. Then it will just happen because you are ready.

I could be wrong, but ...