16 weeks postpartum update


Grabbing a minute while the kids are asleep to just check in- in case you were missing me!- and say yup, it's still all awesome! My kids are perfect, my POP is symptom free, doesn't stop me wearing my BIG boy in a sling while I push his sister in the heavy double stroller- hell, sometimes I even have a child on each hip! I'm getting fit again- cycling, walking and light weights- although I'm not actually losing the weight I would like to- but that's because I'm using tandem breastfeeding as an excuse to be greedy!
So yeah- that's it. All good- can't wait to start popping out more post-POP babies!!

Hi Cararosesmum
Yes, I did wonder where you were, but figured you were just getting on with life with two babies. It really is lovely to get these occasional little updates and to read that you are going well.

hi there!
you sound fantastic! thanks for the update : )

Thanks for keeping us in the loop with such joyous news! Hope to follow in your footsteps. When you get a chance (ha ha) how about posting a bit about what you think it was about your recovery this time that made the difference ( besides posture of course)? Thanks again and enjoy yourself!