17 month update


Hi ladies,

Almost 17 month pp update: by 15 months my prolapse was in a completely manageable state such that I had peace and calmness about getting pregnant again. Come to find out I was actually newly pregnant! (I know about the recommended 2 year wait, but I made the decision and I am at peace about it.)

I am 9 weeks along now and hardly ever worry about my prolapse. I only have two occasional 'symptoms' that I would attribute to pop. If I don't pee during the night and my bladder gets to the max full stage, when I pee in the morning it's a stop/go flow. I would imagine the bladder cannot constrict as well when pulled taut or something. And rarely when I eat too much pasta/bread I don't completely pass the entire bm despite the lopo posture and doing pelvic rocks in the squat position. Half the time those two things will alleviate the last bit, but if not I just get up and not worry about it because I know the next morning it will be fine. I then have the sensation that there is something in my rectum, but it's not a big deal.

If there's something I'm missing about maintaining those 2 symptoms, let me know!

I am planning a homebirth!!! with a doula and CNM. Maybe water birth. I am actually not concerned about my pop now that I have read so much on the forums and the book/exercises. I know what I need to do now and pp this time.

I am, however, more concerned about tearing along the old episiotomy scar or beside it. I do not want a repeat 4th degree, and I would rather not tear AT ALL! I found a great childbirth website with AMAZING crowning pictures that show just how beautifully the vagina and perineum stretches to birth a baby (but I don't know if any had previous episiotomies). I worked with my perineum for a long time and I hope it's stretchy enough. I need to do a fear release session about tearing before the birth that's for sure! My doula has worked with previous 4th degree tearers who birthed over an intact perineum, so I am cautiously optimistic.

Will keep you posted as time goes on.


Congratulations! Sounds like you are in a really good place and are a woman with a plan! May you have an enjoyable pregnancy! As for your first "symptom," I don't think that start/stop morning pee is all that uncommon for anyone, POP or no, woman or no. I wouldn't worry at all. I can't comment as to the BM, but it sounds like you are dealing with it in an entirely appropriate and productive way. Look forward to hearing your birth story!!

Thanks for the update. Sounds great. I was going to give a bit of an update too, and found yours. : )

I was playing tennis yesterday and I thought of y'all while playing and vowed to write an update that great things are possible after pop. (Or with, because maybe one actually has pop forever?).

After playing tennis for a short 15 minutes each day (to acclimate), I went for a mile and a half walk. Then, yesterday I actually did two 100 yard dashes (not as much a dash as it was a 100 yard ATTEMPT to run! lol). BTW, before that run, which was a few days ago, I had a vague feeling of weird, light pressure FORWARD about two inches below my navel?? And then I had this sudden thought (because it wasn't a bad kind of feeling): could it be that the slight pressure is because it's my uterus going BACK TO WHERE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE and it is replacing whatever had moved into that spot?? lol Christine is that possible or just silly? I don't feel that anymore - and I feel even better. I even did the ballet routine today that I used to do in my dancing days. I could stretch anyway I wanted and felt - nothing. And with a self-check I can't even find my u !!
I stay in posture, I keep away from tight clothes. Oh, and I got a new secret: a bra extender. Wow, it helps. I actually bought and use two at one time! It just gives you some breathing room. I bet it's less cramped inside because of it. Life is completely normal again except that I am so gradually working back up to exercise. I just now started using 10 lb hand weights for curls and did it cautiously. Thank you, keep the faith all! (And those of you who are new, keep reading this site's present and past posts - and DO what they tell you here! Also, "track" the person most like your own circumstances (that means "search" their user name, then click on the word "track" and you then can see all of their posts. Read them! It helps!!) I followed Louise and Alemama and Fab and Granolamom, and a bunch of others. I read and re-read their posts trying to copy what they did, so I could get better too). God has granted me the truly impossible. Praying for y'all. Remember: all things are possible!

Sounds really good, Mindful. You seem to have a good grasp of what is happening in your body. When you understand it, you can manage it. You will learn more, I am sure, throughout this pregnancy.

With the on and off peeing first thing in the morning, I think it is because you have been lying down all night and gravity has acted in a different direction. Therefore your organs are lying in disarray. When I lie on my back or my tummy my lumbar curve straightens. Therefore my bladder can sink back over my vagina. Goodness knows where my intestines are! But I am guessing that this malpositioning of the bladder and intestines is to blame. As the bladder empties the intestines will move in one direction or another to fill the space. This may push the bladder in any direction. Many people empty their bowel first thing in the morning too, so there is probably a full large intestine coming down and across the belly too.

I rarely have this on and off thing happening. If I do it usually means I am constipated and that means that it is crowded in there, and my bladder cannot move forwards. However, I do try to rise in WW posture when I first get up, ie put my feet on the floor and rock forward with my butt sticking out to get all my organs positioned right. Maybe that's why?

Thanks for the idea; have been using one extender and hadn't though I could hook up the second to it! Much more comfort and more oxygen...a bonus.
Glad everything's going so well

congrats on the pg! you sound absolutely wonderful!
I sure cant wait to read your birth story. a hb is a totally glorious experience. read alemama's birthstory...she's my birthing role model.
I didn't have an episiotomy, but I did tear during my first birth, tore in a different spot during my second (both in hospitals). did NOT tear during my other births. so I dont think it is inevitable that you tear along your scar.
alemama or aza might have some good advice for you on that one.
in the meantime, enjoy your pg : )