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hi all,

i have a request which i believe can be very important for whole woman and more importantly to the many women who come to our site and who for reasons of their own, fail to understand or believe that whole woman can be transformative in their lives.

we want to put up three short (2-4 minutes) interview videos of women who have successfully applied christine's methods, resolved or at least dramatically improved their symptoms and possibly cancelled surgery as a result.

our preference would be to be able to use your name. i know that's the hard part, but it is what will make the short clip compelling. it also reinforces the WW message that taking prolapse out of the closet is critical to ending the surgical damage that's done to millions of women.

if you are willing to volunteer for this important effort and/or have questions or need more information, please write me at lanny(at)wholewoman(dot)com.

many thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.

lanny goodman (christine's DH and chief marketing/technology person)

How about first name only, with the proviso that viewers who would like to speak personally with the woman can ring Whole Woman and ask the woman to contact them? This would largely get over the anonymity factor. Ultimately she wouldn't need to provide her real name anyway. It could be a different name. I can see no reason why a whole real name that was trackable by Google, would be necessary.

Some women might be happy to use their real name.

Would you please clarify why her real name would be so much better than a made up name?

hi louise,

the name issue is a holdover from print media. a full name and city and state is viewed as much more credible by a reader than some of the other conventions such as initials, first name only, no location or worse, no information at all.

sure, we could make up a name and location, but that would be a lie and not what whole woman is about. it wouldn't feel right.

it wasn't my intent that any woman who help us create a video testimonial would have to talk with anyone else, in fact i would no want to facilitate that. prospective women can reach out on the forum.

thanks for the questions.


Dear Lanny

If I’m getting it right, a volunteer would make their own video, (would their computer/mobile camera quality be good enough?) according to their own script (prolapse story) and then send it in to WW, but first check in with you at your email address to make sure they are on the same page? Perhaps even send in their script first if they wanted it checked over for suitability, or would it run to some question/answer pro forma provided by you?

Cheers Fab

hi fab,

actually, what i was thinking is that if you have a web cam, we could do a short interview over google plus which we can record. we can then edit that footage down to a short clip. really no effort on your part.


Hey Lanny, I'm wondering how things were progressing with this idea?