16 weeks pregnant, prolapse worsening


Hey everyone...

This is my first post here and I am hoping someone might be able to help or at least give me some piece of mind. First a little history...the birth of my first child was relatively smooth and completely unmedicated with only about 20 minutes of pushing. Post delivery I ended up in the OR with an epidural to repair the bi-lateral sulcus tears I experienced during delivery. Everyone was so concerned about the healing of the tears and the granulation tissue that kept developing that despite my repeated pleas that something more was really wrong, my prolapse was not diagnosed until almost 10 weeks after the birth of my first child - grade three or four depending on the time of the month. I have tried a multitude of interventions since then to no avail...guess the combo of a really small uterus, bad connective tissue and damage from the tearing is to much to counteract. I resolved to just deal with it.

Now I am 16 weeks pregnant and this is a whole new ballgame. My cervix is at least two inches to the exterior and seriously swollen. I was originally told things would alleviate around week 16, but no dice - things actually seem to be worsening. My OB has now said by week 20 I should see some relief. Is it possible this prolapse may not rise throughout the entire pregnancy?! Everything is really heavy and uncomfortable at this point and I can't imagine going another six months with additional weight this low. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry to hear of your difficulties. But things can be made more comfortable for you, and it may help your anxiety if you read some previous posts by other women who have also found themselves going into a pregnancy with prolapse. If you type in pregnancy and prolapse and similar into the search box on the top left of this page it will bring up previous threads where women have talked about just these things. Lots of information to be found until there are some more responses to your post.

Hi baltomom - what do you mean that your cervix is two inches to the exterior? Two inches outside of the vaginal introitus (opening)? Have you learned about the posture yet? I am one year and a few months into this work and I have seen lots of improvement dring this time. What's more, I am also pg now, a few weeks ahead of you, and my prolapse has been better this pregnancy than last, thank God. I always used to get that uncomfortable pelvic heaviness during pregnancy - even in the first two trimesters- but this pregnancy it has yet to appear. It is possible to improve using WW posture and awareness of how you carry your body. Sometimes, when I do feel any heaviness or discomfort from vaginal varicoces or prolapse, I get on my hands and knees for a while and it helps.

Welcome Baltomom. You had some complications with your previous birth and I'm not one of the ones who can speak with knowledge about the possible affects of all that. There are lots of moms on here, and others who may have more insights. Do search the forum for more posts. My impression from 2+ years on this site is that at some point things will rise, and although there may be a range of what's normal, it's not going to be the same in each case. So do read up on WW posture and start learning it immediately. Read the FAQ's and scroll down to the pix and diagrams. Read all over Christine's site and check out the first item on the on-line video page (under Resources). You will need this knowledge! Good luck to you and I hope you hear back from more experienced preggo ladies. - Surviving

how variable is the position of your cervix? How long has it been out? How are your bms? Can you push your cervix way up?

Hang in there! I am a fellow pregnant Mama with a prolapse. I was told by week 20 things should get a bit better (I'm nearly 13 weeks), but I may carry very low, with a little more pressure on the vaginal area. So I would hang in there and wait a bit longer. And you are not alone! I am right there in the same boat with you- and its comforting to me to know that there is someone else here that has all the same questions and concerns. There are some seriously wonderful and knowledgeable ladies on this site. Don't get discouraged!

Hi Panda, you have just turned a lightbulb on for me. I never realised that carrying low meant pressure in the vagina and vulva with the uterus low in the pelvis. I always thought carrying low meant low out the front.

Carrying low is perhaps polite and refined code for uterine prolapse during pregnancy? Prolapse has more negative connotations than carrying low. It could be a good thing, as prolapse in pregnancy is not necessarily an alarm bell for later on.

Baltomom, I can understand your dreading being heavily pregnant. How is your posture? Are you able to keep some lumbar curve in your spine and lift your tailbone? Are you able to raise your chest?