12 weeks pp and new here...


Hello all,

This is my first posting so background first... I had a great pregnancy but my labour hmmmm :-( ended up with an anterior lip that blocked the baby's head so the 2nd stage was prolonged and ended up with episotimy , forceps and baby was delivered sunny side up ( flipped into posterior position at the last moment)
Anyway at about 5 weeks pp I discovered a bulge in my vagina visable more when standing. I went straight to the doctor after sobbing hysterically to my husband! and was told that it was lax vaginal walls and not a prolapse. 8 weeks on the bulge is still there and basically at the end of the day the muscles either side of my vagina are sore. Also I am having funny issues with my urethra I have noticed the area is red and it sometimes stings although I don't have a UTI. Just wondering if there are other mums that have experienced this and when they found it improved? It has knocked my confidence in my body alot and although the doctor said that I didn;t have a prolapse I am pretty sure I must have something going on there for the walls to still be bulgy. Sex is fine and doesn't hurt but I tense up waiting for it to happen and I just don't feel sexy anymore :-(

Ancasta a baby just went through your vagina a few months ago, the walls have to have some amount of laxity, don't they? Your doctor said you don't have full blown prolapse, that's great news-- you will still totally benefit from wholewoman work. I doubt you'll even think about your bulge a year from now. Is this your first baby? Your body is still working at getting back to where it was pre pregnancy; aches and pains might hang around for a while as that happens. Some traditions say it takes a full two years for the mother's body to truly heal or recover its strength and vitality after pregnancy and delivery. Pull up into posture, chest lifted, belly relaxed.. breathe deeply.. envision your vaginal walls pulled up taut, your bladder and uterus sitting over stable pubic bone. Check the pregnancy and prolapse sub forum to learn about other women's journeys in overcoming this postpartum prolapse thing. :)

Yes it's my first, all a bit of a shock to the system body wise!

Do as chickaboom says now....pull up into posture. You will be okay. You need some time to read here and to apply the posture to your constant daily life. You just had your first beautiful baby. If you can order the book, that would be a good start. In time you may find the DVDs helpful, but you are still recovering now so rest and WW posture are your best bet now. Best wishes to you.