Best Wishes to Lanny


Dear Christine and Lanny,
Thank you for the WW newsletter this morning. How exciting, that there will now be midwives and physical therapists and a yogi who will be trained in the WW ways. I am thrilled to hear of the new classes and new trainees! I wanted to thank you both for your continued work and commitment to the world of women, health and humanity. Most of all, my love and prayers go out to both of you and to Lanny for a quick and complete recovery. I am now so honored to celebrate my one year anniversary with WW. There are no words to express my gratitude, my respect, and my thankfulness to both of you, to Nikelle, to your son, and to all of the women who so generously give of their time, compassion, experience and knowledge. Not sure where to post this, so I am putting it under success since you have given success to me and so many women, and now so hopefully, success will come for Lanny.

I want to say good words to Christine, Lanny and all people who help me and others. I wish Lanny complete recovery. Thank you for your tremendous job done!

Thanks Ms. N. for starting this thread, and congrats to you on reaching a milestone! Lanny and family, there is so much love and so many good wishes coming your way, you have no idea! Continue to have faith in the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained over the years, and bask in the love and support of family and friends. Onward and upward! . Surviving

I want to tell you Christine that I wish Mr. Lanny a prompt recovery and I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lanny and Christine, you are both in my thoughts and heart. I have spoken to both of you; you have given me and so many other women so much encouragement and hope for which we cannot thank you enough. Now it is our turn to encourage Surviving60 stated so nicely above, know that there is so much love and so many good wishes going your way. Know that you are both appreciated more than words could relate!

Hi Lanny and Christine, just wanted to express my thanks as the others above have, and for a speedy recovery Lanny. It was a thrill to meet you both last September! Though I did dash in and out , with others waiting for me.
Christine- I have been telling the the males in my family and others that I know well, that this posture is beneficial for both sexes. Im so looking forward to Saving the Hips, as mine are trying me at mo. Ive been trying to get into a better exercising routine and going through the dvds , but yoga3 seems to sit the best with my body.I had to make time as family life has been so busy , so now I do 15 minutes on rising. Started 10 weeks ago, and built up to every weekday for the last 2 weeks. Thats a big step for me.
All the best to you both , with love and thanks Kiwigirl xxx

Christine and Lanny, my thoughts and best wishes are with you as you negotiate your way through this latest life challenge that the Universe seems to believe is something you need in your life. I am inspired by your positivity towards the situation. I am believing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that all will be well.