16 weeks pregnant bed rest


I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second little one. I found out I had uterine prolapse at 12 weeks when I felt something inside my vagina. My doctor put me on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy and she put in a pessary last week. That seems to be working great but she still wants me on bed rest because too much activity can mean movement of the pessary which can cause irritation and infection. My dr has had two previous cases this year and she says it is quite uncommon during pregnancy. Her first case miscarried at 15 weeks without a pessary in and her second case had an infection at 25 weeks, they took out the pessary to clear infection and then she when into preterm labor at 26 weeks and delivered. I think my dr is being very cautious which I know is good but I have read a handful of posts on here and don't see many that were put on bed rest. I am going out of my mind and with a 14 month old it is really hard. I don't think I am doing this too well either. I definitely have slowed down a ton and I don't pick up my son unless it is absolutely necessary. We've even moved him to a toddler bed super early so I don't have to worry about lifting him out of the crib. I guess I would love to know if anyone else was put on bed rest for the rest of pregnancy. 25 more weeks of this seems crazy!

Hmmmm…..we will definitely need someone knowledgeable to chime in here. Bed rest for prolapse during pregnancy – it almost sounds like the bed rest is more for the pessary than for the prolapse itself. We’d love for you to read up on Whole Woman posture, but if you are lying in bed with a pessary inside you, there doesn’t seem much point in talking posture. I’m a little at a loss to comment, but hopefully one of our teachers and/or super-duper prolapsed birthing moms will be on here with some comments and possibly questions for you, so we can get to the bottom of your situation. - Surviving

Seems like there would be no need for both bed rest and pessary. Is the pessary one you can remove and clean daily? If not, I would be concerned and question if that was the cause of or contributory to the other patient's infection. You've picked up on your doctor's caution. Trust that instinct. May I carefully suggest your doctor may feel she's in over her head and concerned about another unhappy outcome under her care? She may not be adverse to the suggestion of a second OB's opinion. Meanwhile, I hope you'll keep searching through posts here. The older ones can be a gold mine of information.

Best wishes, Bebe

I am also 16 wks pregnant with my 2nd & got diagnosed with a 2nd degree uterine prolapse. My gynaecologist today said there is no reason why It should cause a premature delivery (unless a separate issue occurs) & suggested as long as I don't do any heavy lifting, the pregnancy should hopefully go ok. She suggested the pessary is for my own personal comfort but of no benefit to the baby & could risk infection. She scanned my cervix which was closed & of reasonable length. I am getting a second opinion tomorrow to be on the safe side. Good luck!

Sounds like pretty good advice. Now just add in some WW posture to the mix, and things should be looking up for you! - Surviving