Can it really be a year since I checked in?


Hi, All! Is it possible that a year and 2 months have gone by since I wrote in the forum?
Here's my update, with a bit of background for those of you who don't know me. I wWas absolutely frazzled and ridiculous at first in here, because I was so frightened and felt such responsibility taking care of children, after my husband died, and newly having found I had a prolapse. My huge break through came after someone took their time in explaining to me a few things I should have already understood from here, but didn't. One of those things was exactly how to empty out. I did everything I was told to on this site, like posture and only loose clothing - and I also remained (by my own gut feeling since I felt that in my case the prolapse was triggered by an injury. I felt it needed to heal. That might all be crazy and in my head, I don't know!) with my hips up, when lying down, and took sharks tooth and glucosamene. I tried a pessary, with yes, Trimosane, until three days later I stopped, on Christine's advice. I was scared for 2 days but an amazing thing happened. I got better and better. It wasn't all that long until my prolapse reversed!!! Thank You, dear God and thanks to Christine and everyone here. I scarcely ever think about prolapse anymore! But at the time I was told it's not reversible! I am very grateful and would like to remind the newbies that things CAN get better! There is hope. I do exercise, etc now. And I feel fine. The only things I do - is try to remember not too lift anything very heavy (but I notice i can lift more and more all the time!) and I try never to wear tight clothes (but noticed if I have to, I can make it through a day with tight clothing! Not that i ever want to!) One thing I have def determined is that HEAVY FOOD seems to be something I need to avoid. Otherwise I end up with that fleeting like - "What was that? Did I feel something?" kind of a feeling. So there ya go - that's my update. I hope everyone's doing well! Keep the faith, there is hope! Follow the advice here and hang in there! Peace, csf

Thanks for sharing your success.. I have a question. What was it that caused you to get better? What is Sharks tooth and glucosamene? Do they work for you or was that what Christine said to stop taking.
I have a rectocele and cystocele and it is been acting up so much so that I have have to lie down quite a bit. I would love for you to explain a bit further if you can...
Also, what do you do to evacuate completly? I also agree that heavy meals are a no no for me.
I am a 37 year old mom of 2 small children and often feel bad because my prolapse has been so difficult latley and find it hard to keep up with them all day long.
However, your words are inspirational to me so... Thank you again for sharing!

Hi csf

So nice to hear from you, it's wonderful that you're doing so well
I remember you very fondly as you were posting a lot at the time I first discovered the Whole Woman ( an unbelievable 2 years ago!) and you were an inspiration to me.
I haven’t posted much either recently, but I still visit the site very regularly. I still have the prolapsed bladder, which is at least no worse than it was - and I live with it well and no longer have the fear and panic, so I'm very grateful. Thanks to Christine, Louise and all the other wise women here I understand so much more about my body and how to look after it. Posture and dealing with constipation are foremost in my mind! BTW I find magnesium(Calm Natural) really helpful with the constipation problem. Nearly forgot to say, my hips, which had been really painful, have been completely pain free now for well over a year - such a lovely bonus thanks to WW posture, thank you Christine.
Very best wishes to all


Glad to hear things are still going well for you.

Spirit3, CSF was referring to shark cartilage tablets as recommended by 'little bit'. Some freudian slip you have there CSF.

Yes, I like the magnesium too, Tintagel.