Tampon discomfort


Tried a super tampon this morning while doing activities...several hours later I started feeling uncomfortable and with difficulty removed the super tampon...ouch and slightly tinged with blood. Is this normal? I won't do it again..ouch.

Shadowdancer, was it giving you any support during the first few hours before the discomfort started? Doesn't sound great. I suppose it was rubbing on something, hence the blood? - Surviving

I have tried the tampon for that purpose too ... but I find that it's too dry and sucks the moisture from the vagina wall. Hence ... the pain (and possible blood) when removing it.


Yes, well that is what the tampon is designed to do: mop up the mense mess. The effect of course is to make things inside dry. If you used the tampon moistened with a lubricant like coconut oil etc, then you need to give it away. If it held the prolapse back and it was just its dryness that bothered you then you might want to try again in another couple of days with a lubricant and take it out after a few hours. I personally had no success with a sideways tampon because it did not keep the prolapse back.

Having rectocele, I have not found support from a tampon, only discomfort (actually it just wants to come back out). But what I have never understood is this: Wouldn't a tampon that is lubricated for comfort's sake, simply be more inclined to slip out of position? - Surviving

Well if the tampon does not stay anyway, then lubrication would smooth its ride back out, but if you can hold the tampon in place for a number of hours as shadowdancer describes, then she either kept it in too long or possibly it was not lubricated enough and so absorbed the natural juices inside and started to dry out the uterus and so it began to rub and irritate and thus the trace of blood. I'm only guessing because shadowdancer did not give a lot of description, perhaps she can come back on and fill us in more.

Thanks to everyone who responded. Being new to all this, I did not lubricate the tampon. Perhaps Iwill try again with coconut oil. When Iwent to the gynocologist I received no information other than: use a tampon when you are active (Igo to the barn every morning to take care of my horse..lots of bending and squatting) , pee a lot and don't do heavy lifting. She did not describe the nature of the prolapse (levels, etc.)
I was comfortable with the tampon for several hous, then sitting at lunch it began to hurt.removal was horrid. I eagerly await the DVDs for posture and exercise.