UTI's from prolapse


I was told I was having UTI's because of prolapse. I have had so many over the years and given antibiotics and am now finding there are no antibiotics that work. Has anyone had this problem?

We've been talking about UTI's every day on this forum, so stick around and join in the discussion. The place to start is to make sure you are emptying completely. If necessary, once a day get down on all fours in the shower and pee that way. On the toilet, lift up and lean forward a bit off the seat, to tip the organs into the correct position for emptying.

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If you search out 'bladder', you will also find more information


In the October 2013 issue of DISCOVER magazine, on page 44 it states:

" By some estimates, more than 75 per cent of poultry is contaminated with E. coli, much of it resistant to antibiotic drugs. Handling the bacteria-ridden food could spread E. coli to the urinary tract."

Lance Price (Arizona) is working on a study to see if E. coli strains found in grocery stores in a given area match E. coli causing local UTIs.

The last sentence states, "We see compelling evidence that some UTIs have foodborne origins."


And I LOVE eating chicken!


Just read an article in my local paper recommending NOT to wash chicken--most people do that to remove contamination, but rinsing the bird can splash salmonella and campylobacter onto adjacent surfaces and foods. They state that 200,000 people a year come down with this poisoning. Recommended to store raw CHIX in double plastic bags in REFRIG and when ready to cook be sure internal temp is 165 degrees F. Which will kill all bacteria. Can't be too careful.

Yep - heard that story on NPR about a month ago, here's a link: