Stage 3 prolapse


Am age 72 and have stage 3 prolapse. Will whole woman posture help at this stage

Welcome Karlyn. Sure it will. We cannot say how much lumbar curvature you can restore if you have been sucking in your belly all your life. Some of us have more to correct than others in that department. The important thing to know is that this work isn't just about prolapse. Read all around the site and forum and blog, watch the videos on the Resources page, and don't forget the Hips tab.

Some important variables are, do you still have your uterus, and have you had any repairs so far? Any other significant relevant medical history?

There is nothing to lose, and if this work enables you to stabilize your prolapse even a little, lose the fear and prevent yourself from being pushed towards dangerous surgery, why wouldn't you give it a try? Hope you'll continue to read and learn here, and ask questions to help you decide on a course of action. - Surviving

Hey girl I'm 75 and only came to this work 4 months ago and am here to tell you you can recover from the "black hole" and live a normal life again. We have one advantage over youth, we have learned the rewards of persistence and determination. The world today offers instant gratification and that is not the WW prescription. There is a reason Surviving keeps talking about posture all the time. If you don't have the posture you don't have the base concept that is required for everything that comes after. It's fine to read all the posts and become overwhelmed in the beginning, just remember what a wise sage once said, "All success begins one step at a time". If you have trouble with the posture, look on the Practitioner tab above and see if one is close to you. I took a plane trip to see one and it was sooooo worth it. You have been blessed in finding this website. I now after 4 months, feel a new normal and am healthier than before the prolapse.

Wholewoman is definitely about posture. WWPosture helps you to draw your prolapse up and over the pelvic bone back to its correction position. Wholewoman is also about making sure that you avoid things which will push your prolapse south such as damaging body movements, constipation, urine retention, and inflammatory foods. It is a whole prolapse managing process. It takes time and dedication, but all of it brings relief.