My uterus is at its lowest point. It is literally a big lump and exposed out of the vagina. Will this fall out of m body? I am doing the fire breathing and it does pop back into the cervix but as soon as I stand up it slides back down. I am practicing the WW posture. I am not having any pain but just concerned it could fall out. An feedback asap would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. PB

The uterus even in a prolapsed state is held by strong ligaments. You do need however to try to get to a stage where you can keep your uterus at least within the labia. This is your first goal. The uterus will slide back down as long as there is urine in your bladder, or stool about to descend into your rectum or some inflammation of the intestines. It is these pressures that are pushing the uterus down. Now this will happen on a regular basis as you eat, drink and work through your day. But you will find that if you make an effort to improve your diet so that your intestines are in a healthier state, have a regularly functioning bladder and bowel so that even though your uterus is prolapsed, the degree of prolapse and the pressure it is under will be considerably lessened and far more comfortable for much of the day. So hang in here wild one and learn what you can, and try a few experiments; nothing to lose. As a first bit of comfort have you applied a lubricator to your uterus? It helps relax things and yes haven't I mentioned that yet. You've got to learn to relax and that will come with WWposture and diaphragm breathing.

Hi, I experienced a debilitating and distressing uterine prolapse a couple of years ago - and empathise with you re this. The WW approach does take time, practice and patience for it to work accumulatively. It becomes a way of life and a lifetime's work. Thankfully we do have the rest of our lives to try and rebalance our bodies.
There are some fundamentals to the WW way: Good diet and fluids (healthy, fresh, organic if poss..), avoid/reduce or eliminate constipation if poss. no straining on the loo (if you have to lean forwards so your belly is leaning down and forwards and your weight is on your feet if poss), be in WW posture as much as possible (make it your default position) and do the WW exercises regularly (daily if poss). De-stressing your life is also an important factor.

If you are lucky enough to live near enough to a WW practitioner/Christine, I would recommend a consultation - or otherwise a tel/skype if poss.

Those with uterine prolapse also has the option of gently pushing up the cervix as high up the passage as comfortably possible, (with clean fingers of course) go into a deep forward bend then come up into WW posture. This works well for me if/when my prolapse returns. Then I also take care to pay attention to do all the right things.

Generally I also do 3 deep standing fwd bends every time I go to the loo. This repetition seems to help to 'keep it up'.

Good luck, wholewomanukx